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Op-Ed: Ulta Beauty Goes Too Far, Go Woke Go Broke; Female Customers Calling for Boycott Over Transgender Hosting ‘Girlhood’ Podcast

Female customers are calling for a boycott on Ulta Beauty products.
Female customers are calling for a boycott on Ulta Beauty products. Enough is enough. The consensus is that women are dog-tired of responding with woke correctness to the in-your-face transgender cult movement. Image: Twitter.

PORTSMOUTH, OH – The transgender woke movement has pulled out the last straw and placed it on the back of the proverbial camel. And biological women are offended and speaking out. “Ulta Beauty Facing Boycott From Women After Having Transgender TikTokers Host ‘Girlhood’ Podcast.”

“Ulta may be regretting whatever marketing “genius” came up with this idea. In a recent post on Twitter, Ulta highlighted a podcast with two grown men in makeup and wigs chatting about what it’s like to be a “girl.” The makeup giant’s target audience is obviously women. It’s probably a safe bet that over 90% of Ulta’s customers are women. The choice to put men in drag in the marketing material for a company geared toward women is backfiring big time,” according to an article at Conservative Modern.

So, two adult males are chit-chatting and giggling about what it’s like to be women. Dylan Mulvaney (a transgender dressed in red) jumps for joy because her/his lipstick doesn’t smudge. I don’t know any women that react with mega chortles and dopey drooling over a makeup product – and prance around in the street in front of a camera and kiss strangers on the cheek. Women have lives and are either going into a problem, trying to solve a problem, or coming out of a problem. And red lipstick that doesn’t smear does not produce giddy gushing and goofiness.  

Was Mulvaney performing a parody of how he/she thinks women react to a new tube of lipstick? Was she/he in comedy mode to elicit laughs? Or was the drama due to her/his over-the-top personality? It wasn’t quite clear. But female customers were not amused.  

Really Dylan? Tell your trans girlfriends about your monthly painful period cramps, leaky pads, swollen breasts, vaginal yeast infections, premenstrual syndrome, endometriosis, miscarriage, pregnancy, labor pain, feeding breast milk to a baby, menopause, cervical cancer, and other female issues. Oh, you can’t share these experiences because you remain a biological male. 

Female customers are calling for a boycott on Ulta Beauty products. Enough is enough. The consensus is that women are dog-tired of responding with woke correctness to the in-your-face transgender cult movement. 

Mandy Stadtmiller made a Twitter video with the thousands of angry responses before Ulta shut off commenting. 

The following are a few comments I found in response to the Ulta Beauty podcast: 

Women: am I a joke to you? 

As a woman, I can’t tell you how happy I am to see mega corporations like Ulta represent me in the public eye by using men dressed up as women and making absurd caricatures of what they think women are like. 

Tampax also wanted to sponsor him. That’s insane. The world has gone way too far. 

I started realizing what was happening three years back and I feel like only now other women are beginning to wake up! I was called bigoted, cancelled, transphobic, hateful, etc. Just for pointing out that men are not women. It’s amazing how long it took other women to open their eyes and what’s sad is that now, these men have infiltrated everything.  

Gee, I’ve been a girl/woman my whole life and never knew I was supposed to run around flailing my arms around and kissing people. Who knew?  

A response in the video from a biological female: “Women are not a fetish. We’re not gender affirming tools for males that want to feel more feminine. We are more than a dress…So, maybe stop erasing women and treating us like caricatures to be mocked.” 

A response in the video from a transperson: “What really unsettles me is how mad people are that trans people exist…They want to erase transpeople.”

The response to Ulta Beauty is about two males usurping the biological experiences of womanhood and putting a male perspective on it – because that’s how they view what it’s like to be a female. Only it’s not like that from the female perspective according to the tweeters. 

It’s not about getting rid of the trans crowd at all. It’s called freedom of speech and freedom to choose other beliefs. Disagreeing is not hating. Honoring your own gender is not discriminating against trans people. Adhering to biological and anatomical facts is not violence-based.  

Where are the adult biological trans women (from female to male) conversing about their manhood while selling male grooming products? Who would even watch this podcast? Females and/or males, trans females and/or trans males – who would be in the audience?  

A mature Mulvaney would reflect and consider how biological women responded without being defensive and snarky about it. A mature Mulvaney would validate female feelings and apologize for being unaware – especially considering the history of discrimination against females. A mature Mulvaney would learn from this experience and invite biological women to the table to talk about it while respecting their opinions without calling them transphobes.  

My questions: Is Ulta Beauty sincere or just following a potential money trail for media coverage? Will the company go broke for going woke?  

But there’s more… 

According to a recent article in Rebel News, Dylan Mulvaney was invited to speak at an exclusive event; the 2022 Forbes Power Women’s Summit.

Folks, you may pause and experience a moment of cringe with me. A biological male spoke on behalf of biological females. Are you kidding me? So, Forbes is a groovy member of the card-carrying woke cult.  

Is there a yard gnome that goes around stealing common sense? 

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