Rob Schneider: California Has Either “Huge Problem” Or “Gigantic Camping Success Story” – Reveals Why He Left The State & Democratic Party

Rob Schneider
Comedian Rob Schneider spoke about the reasons why he made the decision to leave the Democratic Party, saying that the group had become too “extreme” and that he didn’t want them “trying to run my life.” File photo: Kathy Hutchins, Shutter Stock, licensed.

NEW YORK, NY – During an interview on Fox and Friends on Wednesday, comedian Rob Schneider spoke about the reasons why he made the decision to leave the Democratic Party, saying that the group had become too “extreme” and that he didn’t want them “trying to run my life.”

Initially, the hosts played a clip for Schneider of former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) on the Joe Rogan Experience, where she discussed the fallout she experienced – including losing friends – for her own recent decision to leave the Democratic Party.

“It ranges from people kind of like giving you a cynical look, like ‘whose side are you really on.’ To people just outright ending that friendship or that professional relationship cause they don’t want to have anything to do with you,” she said to Rogan. “There’s been this negative stigma for almost as long as I’ve served in Congress against anyone who actually goes on Fox News, period,”

Schneider said that he was not surprised by Gabbard’s decision to leave the Democratic Party, noting that he had not only left it himself, due to what he perceives as its need to control what people do and think.


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“It shouldn’t be such a shock. We don’t get ten parties, you get two. And I really feel like I don’t want the Democratic Party trying to run my life,” he said. “And there’s not one aspect of your life that they don’t want to interfere with. So I had it with them.”

The “Deuce Bigalow” actor revealed that he had even recently moved from his home state of California – which is Democrat-controlled – due to skyrocketing taxes and homelessness, the latter of which he jokingly referred to as either a “huge problem” or “a gigantic camping success story.”

“I mean, [California Governor] Newsom pushed me over the edge. I mean, it’s just like, I just don’t think your life gets better there. It gets worse,” he said. “So I got out of California and moved to the slightly freer state of Arizona.”

When one of the hosts asked Schneider if he feared getting cancelled for expressing his views about Democrats, he agreed that he did, but that he was more worried about ensuring that his children and grandchildren got to enjoy the same freedoms that he did growing up.

“Of course [I worry about getting jobs]. As an actor, you’re always coming from a place of trying to get work, but I worry more about the freedoms of my kids…I’m a grandfather now,” he said. “You know something’s wrong when people say, like, if you put God and family and country first, that’s somehow controversial. How is that controversial? So I think at a certain point, you have to say, enough of this, and stand up to it.”

The comedian also noted that he is friends with right-leaning individuals in Hollywood, and noted that many of them are “scared” to express their views due to the “mob of ideologues that will attack you.”

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