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Op-Ed: Scooby-Doo Goes Woke to Push Sexual Orientation on Children As Velma Is Now Officially a Lesbian

Warner Bros. Animation
Produced by Warner Bros, Trick or Treat Scooby-Doo! portrays the familiar character of Velma as a lesbian. Image credit: Warner Bros. Animation

PORTSMOUTH, OH – Animated movies and cartoons need to be entertainment and not avenues of indoctrination and propaganda for the woke flavor of the month. Let kids be kids. One Million Moms, a division of the American Family Association, asserts

An animated movie is the last place parents would expect their children to be confronted with content regarding sexual orientation. Sadly, issues of this nature are repeatedly being introduced too early and too soon. This type of indoctrination of our children is extremely common yet unnecessary. Warner Bros. has apparently decided to be politically correct instead of simply providing family-friendly entertainment. Consequently, conservative families need to urge Warner Bros. to avoid mature and controversial topics and stick to entertaining instead of pushing an agenda.

Produced by Warner Bros, Trick or Treat Scooby-Doo! portrays the familiar character of Velma as a lesbian“To confirm that she is a lesbian, Velma is depicted as googly-eyed and speechless when she encounters a new female character, fashion designer Coco Diablo.” 

The entertainment industry continues to target impressionable children with their sexualization agenda. Perhaps families should trash their televisions and find alternative ways to have fun.  

One Million Moms wants families to be forewarned about a new Marvel movie.

Rated PG-13, Thor: Love and Thunder includes many LGBTQ innuendos and an abundance of euphemisms, but a few scenes are not downplayed at all. The alien character named Korg mentions having two dads, and he has hand sex with another member of his species. The bisexual goddess, King Valkyrie, kisses another woman’s hand to show interest. An Asgardian kid insists on going by a gender-neutral name. And the gay romantic tension between Thor and Star-Lord is apparent but played off as a gag. 

More drag queen indoctrination is on the way.

Discovery+ is releasing Generation Drag. Produced by Tyra Banks, the show documents five young drag queens as they participate in a drag show, “Dragutante,” designed for LGBTQ kids ages 8-18. In celebration of Pride Month, Discovery+ plans to release the six-episode docuseries on June 1. 

RuPaul continues to indoctrinate children and now is using a drag queen doll: 

Fisher-Price recently announced its launch of the Little People Collector RuPaul figure set which includes three dolls. The dolls promote cross dressing and glorify the drag queen lifestyle. Fisher-Price has actually created a toy that glorifies gender inclusivity and ignores one’s biological sex… It is outrageous that a toy company is marketing and normalizing gender dysphoria to young children. Parents who are not already aware of the company’s agenda, please be forewarned: Children are being “groomed” by Fisher-Price drag queen dolls under the disguise of playtime. 

Wait for it…There’s a new transgender Barbie.

Mattel recently announced its launch of the first transgender Barbie doll as part of its #TRANSISBEAUTIFUL Tribute Collection, modeled after the Orange Is the New Black actor and LGBTQ activist Laverne Cox. Mattel created a Barbie in his likeness, wearing a red, sheer evening gown with a faux leather strapless top, a tulle skirt, and a sparkly silver bodysuit underneath. The Laverne Cox doll promotes cross-dressing and glorifies the transgender lifestyle. Mattel has created a toy glorifying gender inclusivity while ignoring one’s biological sex. 

Groomers R US. These entertainment industries and toy companies are owned and managed by perverted predators that brazenly target children for sexualization and a profit. Depravity and debauchery come with a price tag. Alas, adult entertainment has invaded childhood.  

The good news from One Million Moms. The following shows were canceled: The Owl House, The Mick, Once Upon a Time, Little Demon, The Real O’Neals, Dating Naked, Impastor, Angel from Hell. 

Parents need to be on guard and preview cartoons and movies before allowing younger children to watch them. And put limits on television and computer time. Have conservations with relatives, neighbors, babysitters, daycares, and schools about what programs children are watching.  

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