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Op-Ed: Who Is Protecting the Children? – Abhorrent Gender-Bending Drag Queens and Repulsive Pride Events Propagandize and Sexualize Kids

A pride event in Charlotte, NC featured a stripper pole where kids were able to try out pole dancing
Libs of Tiktok shares a post from a pride event in Charlotte, NC which featured a stripper pole where kids were able to try out pole dancing. Image credit: Libs of TikTok / Whitneyannn_ / Twitter.

PORTSMOUTH, OH – Sexualizing children is a form of disgusting debauchery and depravity from self-indulgence adult men in bizarre costumes; whether the males are gay, straight, transgendered, or whatever gender they’ve created for themselves. And other 

Pole Dancing for Kids 

Outrageous footage of a “family-friendly” pride event in North Carolina that introduced children to provocative pole dancing. 


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Drag Queen Summer Camp for Kids 

According to a 2022 report on Fox News, a Seattle museum hosted a summer camp for kids as young as 12-years-old that encouraged them to find their “drag personas.” The week-long event, was titled “Drag-tastic Summer Camp: The Art of Drag.”  

Drag Queens in Public Libraries 

“Drag Queen Story Hour” program is endorsed by the American Library Association and its Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC). 

A petition to the American Library Association to stop Drag Queen Story Hours gathered 100,000 signatures, but the ALA responded by reaffirming its commitment to freedom of speech and ideas.  

Books That Encourage Children To Be Transgender 

The Gender Fairy, a story written for four-year-old’s, says: “Only you know whether you are a boy or a girl. No-one can tell you.”

John Hopkins Medicine lists multiple books for Pre-K through Grade 3 on transgender and gender fluid issues.  

Drag Queens in Public Places 

ZooMontana is not backing away from Drag Queen Story Hour after community backlash. Many vowed to boycott the zoo because of the event. 

Drag Queens Entertaining Kids on TV 

Appalling – kids can be indoctrinated and sexualized at the press of a button on the remote.  

Parents need to be aware “Drag Queen Story Hour” is returning, and this time it’s not just at local libraries – instead, it could be coming into your own home, according to Christian Broadcasting Network.

In a 2021 article, The Daily Wire reported, The New York City Department of Education and PBS partnered for a new education program called “Let’s Learn,” which is geared toward kids ages 3 to 8. One of the latest episodes of the program features a drag queen named Little Miss Hot Mess reading and dancing to a book the host wrote called “The Hips on the Drag Queen Go Swish, Swish, Swish.” 

“I wrote this book because I wanted everyone to get to experience the magic of drag and to get a little practice shaking their hips or shimmying their shoulders to know how we can feel fabulous inside of our own bodies,” Little Miss Hot Mess said. 

What is the Cartoon “Drag Tots” About? 

Folks, woke comedy is not funny – it’s bitter and sarcastic. So goes the clip of “Drag Tots.” The cartoon characters take stabs and jabs at each other, and it’s certainly for not kids. 

Watch the World of Wonder trailer for its animated series “Drag Tots.”  

“In a world on the brink of chaos, where fear is the rule of the land, the voices of a generation have banded together to give our planet what it needs,” the narrator says over clips of President Donald Trump, tornadoes and explosions, before unveiling baby drag queens as the answer to the chaos,” per the Washington Blade.

The cast includes “RuPaul’s Drag Race” favorites voicing animated drag kids. Adore Delano will portray Roxy Moron, Bianca Del Rio will play Dina Saur, Latrice Royale portrays Lady Liber-T, Valentina is Arugula and Detox is Donatella Me Whattodoo. RuPaul’s character is Corny the Unicorn. 

A Family Pride Event Sells Sex Toys 

This is repulsive and nauseating grooming of children and families. What are parents thinking?  

A “family friendly” pride event in Rome, Georgia, featured sex toys and explicit performances, according to documents obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation. 

 “As we were walking through, we noticed two vendor booths selling sexual toys, vibrators, underwear, condoms, stuff like that. That was just shocking to us,” reported Melissa Jackson, chief operations officer of No Left Turn in Education. “I asked the lady ‘don’t you think this is a little bit jacked up? Having sex toys is a kid’s festival?’ She said ‘I have these things on the back table and I’m like, ‘well, actually, you don’t. They’re on the front table and it doesn’t matter at festival.’ There’s booths and there’s kids running everywhere.”  

Drag Queens Celebrated in Churches 

Some Christian churches are embracing wacky wokeness and gender-bending for youth. Abomination in places of worship is alive and well.  

According to a recent report in The New York Post, “Students at a ritzy Manhattan Catholic private school were reportedly forced to attend a drag show at church as part of its LGBTQ+ pride celebrations earlier this year… The event was sponsored by the school and organized with the help of the students and faculty advisers in Spectrum — the high school’s LGBTQ+ support club.” 

Watch the video as the drag queen dances up the aisle and flashes/shakes her booty. Warning: It’s disgusting. 

The First Christian Church in Texas recently hosted “family friendly” Drag Queen Bingo event, according to a report at Your News. Around 50 ANTIFA members armed with guns provided security. And conservative opponents showed up to protest. 

Texas MassResistance exposed one of the Drag Queens with a criminal record who was about to perform at the church. He had been arrested and sentenced at the age of 17 for conspiracy to torture and murder 20 of his classmates, according to a 2004 article in the Houston Chronicle.

The radical Left Southern Poverty Law Center designated Mass Resistance an anti-LGBT hate group. Moreover, I found several media outlets that called the protesters: right-wing hate mongers, Nazis, White Nationalists, and fascists. Apparently, the woke circus is against free speech. 

The following definitions are from the Youth Engaged 4 Change website

  • Sex — Genetic and physical body characteristics people are born with, labeled male or female. 
  • Gender — A social and cultural expression of sex; not the biological sex people are born with. 
  • Intersex — People who are born with reproductive or sexual anatomy that does not fit typical definitions of “male” or “female.” 
  • Sexual Orientation — Romantic, emotional, and/or sexual attraction to others. 
  • Gender Identity — An internal feeling of being male, female, or something else. 
  • Gender Expression — Ways of showing gender to others, such as through mannerisms, clothes, and personal interests. 
  • Questioning — Individuals who are unsure about their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. 
  • Ally — An individual or organization that openly supports and affirms the rights and dignity of LGBT people. 

Gender identity and expression:   

  • Cisgender — Individuals whose gender identity/expressions is similar to that typically associated with their assigned sex at birth. 
  • Transgender — Individuals whose gender identity/expression is different from that typically associated with their assigned sex at birth. 
  • Transitioning — When individuals begin to express their authentic gender, which differs from that typically associated with their assigned sex at birth. Individuals who are transitioning may express their gender identity through changes in clothes, hairstyle, and makeup/accessories and may undergo medical or surgical treatments.  
  • Two-Spirit — Created specifically by and for some Native American communities.  

Who is Defending the Children? 

In September, Gov. Ron DeSantis took action at a Miami bar hosting “sexually explicit” drag shows geared toward children, according to CBN. 

“Concerns about the restaurant began swirling after the popular account Libs of TikTok tweeted disturbing video footage of a young girl walking hand-in-hand with a provocatively dressed drag queen in high heels and dollar bills protruding from the lining of the thong the performer was wearing.” 

Evangelical leader Franklin Graham is standing up for parents and community activists against Drag Queen Story Hour in libraries.

A Tradition Family Property (TFP) Student Action petition with over 17,000 signatures against the Drag Queen Story Hour was presented to a library board in Louisiana in 2018. 

“If there are parents that want drag queens to come read books to their children, they have that right. They’re the parents, we’re not protesting their right,” said Pastor Art Hodges. “But they should do that privately, on their own time, in their own place, on their own dollar.” 

Drag Queens can exercise their right to perform adult entertainment around other adults. They have no business indoctrinating and sexualizing children in libraries, schools, zoos, nightclubs, churches or other places. 

Children are off limits. And parents that unknowingly allow groomers access to their children need to be informed on the potential of sexual molestation by predators hiding in outlandish costumes and heavy makeup. Parents that allow Drag Queens to touch, fondle, hug, and kiss their kids need to investigated by Child Protective Agencies.  

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If there was ever a time to rise up and protect children, it is now. 

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