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Op-Ed: The Infamous Ukrainian “Kill Lists” – The Patriots at the Schiller Institute Speak Out

An Army troops transporter and tank with the Ukrainian flag, in Ukraine during the Russia war crisis. File photo: Milan Sommer, Shutter Stock, licensed.

PORTSMOUTH, OH – Folks, in a nutshell, this column is about people speaking out against the war in Ukraine and as a result their names are put on a list to be killed. It’s horrific. And the real villains are the global elites, according to the members and supporters at the Schiller Institute. And Russian is fighting against the globalists (aka, One World Order, New World Order, Great Reset, Deep State) 

I watched a video hosted by the International Schiller Institute about the Ukraine crisis and two the two sides of the war was discussed. The speakers talked about “the death list” for those who are speaking out. “Our war is against globalism.” 

Watch the video “We Will Not Be Silenced! Speaking Truth In Times of War” on YouTube.

“It is not in a time of peace, but in times of war, such as now, that the right and duty to tell the truth most matter. Names continue to be added to the now-infamous Ukrainian “kill lists.” Journalists continue to suffer injury, death threats, harassment and ostracism. A few elected officials and others have spoken out, but the United States Congress and parliaments of Europe have been mute. People in the trans-Atlantic nations ask, “Why are we spending tens of billions we don’t have in a war that we don’t want?” And with the Nord stream pipeline explosions, credibility of the political elites is at an all-time low. It is a badge of honor to be listed with the Truth-tellers on the “kill lists.”  

US Col. Richard Black, Sen. Richard Black, who, after serving 31 years in the Marines and in the Army, then served in the Virginia House of Delegates from 1998 to 2006, and in the Virginia Senate from 2012 to 2020. He asked the question: Did U.S/NATO Blow up the Nord Stream Pipelines?

Watch another video by Schiller Institute on YouTube: You Know the Media is Lying to You. 

“Today, we take on the war-time propaganda coming from the U.S. and NATO forces, desperately attempting to defend their collapsing world order by deploying economic warfare against Russia, to prevent the consolidation of an economic alliance between sovereign nations of Eurasia and Europe. The economic integration of Europe and Eurasia is no threat to the people of the U.S. and western Europe. The Chinese have again invited the U.S. to join the Belt-and-Road Initiative. But it is a threat to the bankrupt financial system the oligarchs in the Trans-Atlantic countries are trying to protect, using war and austerity against the populations of their own countries, to prop up their collapsing post-Cold War Unipolar order.”  

Folks, the Team Biden regime and the western mainstream media is hailing Ukraine as the hero and Russia as the villain. What is the truth? Anyone in the U.S. that speaks against the war is shunned, criticized, and silenced.  

Citizens must listen and learn about both sides and come to their own conclusions. 

In these unprecedented perilous times when it appears the Grim Reaper’s sickle is slashing the freedoms, we hold dear in the great United States of America, we must not abandon the ship of democracy and the U.S. Constitutional Republic. And we speak up for our neighbors, the other sovereign nations that are homes to other freedom-loving citizens. 

We must stay in daily prayer because the answer to the evilness of the New World Order (aka, Great Reset) is God. The wealthy elites at the World Economic Forum, The United Nations, The World Health Organization, and the other globalist organizations desire a one-government totalitarian empire.  

It is not time for the New World Order to swallow the nations as prophesied in the Bible – so we must look to God. 

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