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Op-Ed: Wokism Is A Secular Religion That Thinks Victory Is At Hand

“Cancel culture” is essential to wokism and encourages this secular religion. It does not allow any criticism by opponents. Anyone who challenges wokism will be excommunicated (cancelled) by the woke mob. File photo: No-Mad, Shutter Stock, licensed.

SPRING HILL, FL – Wokism is a secular religion that attempts to undermine our traditional society and replace it with a socialist-communist, centrally controlled one. Its goal is to bring down the existing capitalist government replacing it with a utopian one which promises equity and justice. The Beatniks of the 1950s and the Hippies the 1960s preached the same message of the injustice inherent in capitalism to promote a revolution for a socialist-communistic society.

The first stage is to agitate the lowest elements of society through so called “social awareness“ or awakening. This initial phase creates anarchy in the society. Distorted lies are highlighted by disgruntled intellectuals developed by the Frankfurt School in 1929 Germany. This thinktank spread and justified Marxist ideology. This strategy planned to gradually create a greater acceptance for collectivism in the worker ranks.

Marxism’s major objective was to provoke a change in traditional thinking by creating a narrative of social injustice in capitalism. This woke phase of the strategy was to indoctrinate the evils of the capitalist system that leaves behind too many of the people who should be taken care of. This has been sold for decades by naïve socialist-communist professors to impressionable young college students. Currently this conversion to wokism is happening by raising deviant behavior and degrading biblical moral standards. The brainwashing is happening in our government schools as low as preschool and elementary grades. This antichristian and anti-American claim demonstrates the dominance Marxists think they have over western society. This should be a wake-up call.

The narrative they are spreading to the lower classes is that their plight is not caused by their laziness or other counterproductive practices but by a capitalist social system that discriminates against the poor.  “White racism” claims that all whites are inherently bigoted racists against all nonwhites. They say this exploitation of the poor by whites in western capitalist society is the cause of their oppression. The communist system is the answer to all their victimization as this form of government provides assistance helping the poor rise to the level of others through the concept of equity. In reality it develops a dependency on government which ends in a tyrannical one controlled by Marxist elites with everyone else as slaves.

“Cancel culture” is essential to wokism and encourages this secular religion. It does not allow any criticism by opponents. Anyone who challenges wokism will be excommunicated (cancelled) by the woke mob. In other words, shame and eventual cancellation leads to the point of disappearing from social media and any public discourse. This is thought control eliminating free speech in this woke religion. The radio personalities with the largest audience, Clay Travis and Buck Sexton, were just cancelled from YouTube for expressing their right of free speech.

When people ask questions at an open school board meeting, they are often investigated by the DOJ officials and the FBI and placed on a list of potential extremists or have their homes invaded by gestapo investigators with their weapons drawn. This is a frightening phase of the repression of citizens free speech.

Many Americans are hearing a censored version of the actual news. They are hearing that half of the population of the US are extremists/fascists according to President Biden. We are supposed to forget that the “peaceful summer” of 2020 with looting and rioting in urban centers happened. We are supposed to ignore the daily violence in democrat run cities of the U.S.

We are not supposed to notice that a leftist person killed five citizens in the Christmas parade or shot seven people at the July 4th parade. Few Americans heard there were 70 attacks on Right to Life clinics. The FBI raided the home of Rev. Houck with 25 agents, guns drawn and pointed at Houck, his wife and seven children for the misdemeanor offense of pushing a male abortion escort that was verbally harassing his son. This charge was dismissed by local authorities. He was peacefully praying with his son outside an abortion clinic in Philadelphia. What happened to our freedom of speech and religion?

The Marxist commentators including President Biden called the newly elected Prime Minister of Italy a fascist. This was refuted by leftist Mateo Renzi who said Giorgia Meloni is not a fascist and “The idea there is a risk of fascism in Italy is absolutely fake news.” God, family and country are not a rallying cry for fascism but the historical tenets of western society. The Bible, family and a responsive nation to the people’s wants and needs is not repressive, it is free.

We do not desire a world dedicated to people who tell outrageous lies, make sinful acts, and want them legalized. We want women and men to raise their families following the biblical morals, practices, and principles that have been successfully followed for centuries. We love America for its justice, freedom, and bravery to stand up to the inherent evils of communism. The communist movement has not succeeded anywhere in the world and should be soundly rejected by Americans.

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