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Op-Ed: Humanoid Robot Named Optimus Debuts at Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s Electric Vehicle Event

Robot Named Optimus
Tesla AI Day, Elon Musk gave the public its first look at his company’s humanoid robot nicknamed Optimus. He expects the production model to cost less than $20,000. Photo credit: Tesla / CNET Highlights / YouTube.

PORTSMOUTH, OH – Both mesmerizing and disturbing at the same time. The advancement in Artificial Intelligence (AI) boggles the brain. History shows us that whatever humans have constructed for beneficial means has also been used for malevolent means.  

Watch a video clip of a prototype of the walking mental machine. Optimus walked on stage and waved to the crowd.

A video of the robot carrying a box, watering plants and moving metal bars in the automaker’s factory was shown, according to a recent article in TOTT News.

“Our goal is to make a useful humanoid robot as quickly as possible,” Musk revealed at the event. 

Tesla foreshadowed the unveiling of Optimus on social media by tweeting an image of metallic robotic hands making a heart shape. 

Of course, Musk captivated the audience by showing Optimus for the purpose of promoting his self-driving vehicles. Nonetheless, the future of AI remains both mysterious and concerning. 

The rest of the story per TOTT News: 


“Initially, Musk says that Optimus would perform “boring or dangerous jobs,” including moving parts around Tesla factories or attaching a bolt to a car with a wrench. This is the first step, and don’t let the term “boring” fool you. Many jobs under this classification are found in the tens of thousands of factories across the country.” 

“From here, Musk has said that in the future, robots could be used in homes, making dinners, mowing the lawn and caring for the elderly; even become a “buddy” for humans or a sex partner.” 

There you go – replacing humans with robots. The current human depopulation agenda of megalomaniacs makes more sense now. Robots are far easier to manage and control.  

Watch a banned video of billionaire Bill Gates admitting his goal is to reduce population growth, focusing on vaccines, abortion and control of health care.

In another 2022 news article, TOTT News discussed The Posthuman Caste Vision: Cyborg ruling classes and a genetically-engineered species. “The transhuman promise of ‘superhuman’ abilities will be reserved for the ‘chosen class’, while the masses merge with technology designed for a constant state of surveillance and control…Through gene-editing, synthetic biology, and the merger of humans and technology, governments and corporations are fundamentally altering what it means to be human.” 

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be merged with a machine. And frenetic scientists obsessed with AI need to stay out of my brain and body. What say you? And Optimus won’t be invited to my house for tea and conversation.  

Nevertheless, the world is at the forefront of a technological revolution that will have massive ramifications for humanity. 

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