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Op-Ed: Do Woke Libraries that Allow Drag Queens to Indoctrinate and/or Sexualize Children Need Tax Dollars Revoked?

Drag Queen Story
A drag king reads children’s stories at the Drag Story Hour in Market Square. Saint John, NB, June 5, 2022, File photo: Doug McLean, Shutter Stock, licensed.

PORTSMOUTH, OH –  Folks, if a group of adult females, whether lesbian or heterosexual, dressed up in hideous and exaggerated costumes to read books to children for the purpose of indoctrinating and/or sexualizing them about the masculinity or the femininity of males, I would speak out as well.  

And of course, the malicious mainstream media label defenders of children as haters of all things LBGT+, and that is absolutely false. Moreover, it’s the conservative media outlets that print the stories about the drag queens that twerk, jerk, and shake their buttocks in front of children during story hour.  

Furthermore, wearing mammoth prosthetic breasts, short skirts, and flashing the male crotch is not educational to say the least. How does the showing of cleavage from hormone-inducted breasts help children learn to read? How does shaking an adult male booty help children better understand diversity and inclusion? How does a wacky wig, caked makeup, and a bearded face assist young children with learning phonics? And why would an adult male want to wear outlandish outfits and hang out with children?  

It doesn’t make sense to me. Moreover, Judge Judy Sheindlin declares, “If it doesn’t make sense, it’s usually not true.” 

According to a 2022 article in The New York Post, two registered sex offenders were found to have been among the drag queens performing at a Houston public library in 2019. 

Brett Blomme, “a judge with strong ties to top Democrats in Wisconsin, was charged with possessing child pornography depicting the sexual abuse of underage boys, including toddlers. According to the criminal complaint, Blomme accessed the child porn at both his home and his judge’s chamber…While a judge, he was also president and CEO of the Cream City Foundation, which operates the Milwaukee Drag Queen Story Hour for local children,” according to The Federalist.

Not all pedophiles and sex offenders get caught; therefore, there is no prior criminal record. I’m not implying that all drag queens that show up to read books to kids are pedophiles or sex offenders, but in my opinion, they do have an arching agenda of woke indoctrination. Nonetheless, they want you to believe they are just making reading fun for children.  

Should public libraries fund DQSH

The American Library Association (ALA), the voice of America’s libraries, is the oldest, largest and most influential library association in the world. Its more than 55,000 members are primarily librarians but also trustees, publishers and other library supporters. The association represents all types of libraries; its mission is to promote the highest quality library and information services and public access to information. 

And the ALA supports DQSH.  

Excerpt from ALA website: Libraries Respond: Drag Queen Story Hour: Many libraries across the country have been hosting or participating in Drag Queen Story Hours. A few have experienced pushback from some members of their community. To support libraries facing challenges we have established this collection of resources. We will continue to add to it and welcome your contributions. ALA, through its actions and those of its members, is instrumental in creating a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive society. This includes a commitment to combating marginalization and underrepresentation within the communities served by libraries through increased understanding of the effects of historical exclusion. 

Other funding sources for ALA per website:

“The ALA takes in donations from the usual left-wing suspects in the world of philanthropy. Large donors include the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation ($15,638,592 since 2003), John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation ($1,565,000 since 1999), Carnegie Corp. of New York ($1,142,650 since 2001), Ford Foundation ($460,000 since 2001), George Soros’s Open Society Institute ($363,500 since 2004), John S. and James L. Knight Foundation ($350,000 since 2000), and the extreme-left Tides Foundation ($50,986 since 2004).” 

Let’s connect the dots and follow the radical Lefty liberal money/power trail for woke events.  

I will never agree with any group that uses children for their own proselytizing agenda. Any public library that misuses dollars from taxpayers to fund the woke ideology of males dressed up to look like hideous females in order to indoctrinate and/or sexualize children into woke gender ideology needs to be reprimanded and hit in the wallet. 

What’s next? The slippery slope of allowing drag queens to indoctrinate children in public libraries did not stop with libraries. According to a 2020 opinion piece in The Western Journal, drag queen story hour is branching out to new territory: public school.  

And of course, the Washington Post and the New York Times, woke mainstream media sources, hail DQSH stories as woke and wonderful.  

How do you protect children from their own public librarians that gleefully allow adult men in ridiculous costumes to influence, manipulate, indoctrinate or unknowingly groom and sexualize their patrons?  

How do you protect children from their own teachers and school board members at public schools that gleefully allow adult men in ridiculous costumes to influence, manipulate, indoctrinate or unknowingly groom and sexualize their students?  

Parents need to wise up, stand up, and speak up. Contact library board members. Organize and attend school board members. Contact your state’s Department of Education and state representatives. Attend peaceful public demonstrations.  

Contact One Million Moms “Mom, are you fed up with the filth many segments of our society, especially the entertainment media, are throwing at our children? Are you tired of all the negative influences our children are forced to contend with? If so, we urge you to become a member.” 

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