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Op-Ed: Joe Biden, The Great American Unifier

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Remember what Joe Biden promised in his acceptance speech? “I pledge to be a president that seeks not to divide, but unify, who doesn’t see red states or blue states, who only sees the United States.”  Photo credit: Pix_Arena /, licensed.

BROOKLYN, NY –  Pro-life Christians, conservative Republicans, Trump supporters and all those who try to save unborn babies from abortion butchery have reasons to panic. They are being targeted and persecuted as domestic terrorists by the Biden regime. They are denied Constitutional rights and protections. Christian baby savers are guilty until proven innocent, subject to search and seizure and Joe Biden’s Department of Injustice intends to keep it that way. 

Last weekend in Pennsylvania, a team of at least two dozen armed FBI agents raided the home of Mark Houck, a Catholic pro-life activist. FBI agents pounded on his door at 7 am and raided his home. Houck was arrested. His wife claims the agents had guns drawn and their children were screaming and left traumatized after seeing guns pointed at their parents.    

One year ago, Houck was sidewalk counseling at a Planned Parenthood clinic and had taken his 12-year-old son with him. A complaint filed against Mark Houck at the time states that he pushed a clinic escort who fell back. Houck explained that the clinic escort acted in an intimidating, aggressive manner against his son, hurling vile language directed him. The escort filed a complaint and it was dismissed.

Houck is a pro-life activist. His crime is trying to save babies from being murdered by abortion at a Planned Parenthood business. He is now accused of violating Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act (FACE) laws. He may face up to 11 years in prison and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. The Thomas More Society is providing legal counsel for Mark Houck. 

With the exception of Fox News, the Washington Examiner and a number of pro-life conservative and Catholic media websites, the story received no attention by the mainstream media. The New York Times and Washington Post had nothing on it, although the Washington Post did have a recent story, “The Monkee’s last-living member sues the FBI for secret files on the band.”  Fifty years ago, the FBI targeted the long-defunct rock group the Monkees for allegedly using subliminal messages at one of their concerts in 1967. That’s more important news than the FBI targeting pro-lifers in 2022.

The Philadelphia Inquirer published an article that does not conceal their pro-abortion bias. They call Planned Parenthood a “reproductive clinic” and named which broke the Houck story as a “far-right Catholic antiabortion news outlet.”  The piece portrayed Mr. Houck in a negative way, labeling him a “confrontational local activist for Catholic causes.”    

The same week this occurred there was a murder committed In McHenry, North Dakota. A 41 year old Democrat named Shannon Brandt mowed down 18-year-old Cayler Ellingson with his car, killing him. Brandt called the police and told them his reason: He thought Ellingson was involved in a “Republican extremist group.” Brandt spent a few days in jail and is out on $50,000 bail without any restrictions. He is charged with vehicular homicide and leaving the scene of an accident. Brandt’s neighbors have said that he has a history of mental health problems. But he is free after murdering a young man.

The Bismarck Tribune published an editorial that blames Brandt’s actions on his blood alcohol level instead of stating that he chased and murdered the young man with his SUV. They claim the case is being used as “fodder” to “score political points,” and that it amounts to “mean-spirited speech:”   

“This won’t stop some from using the case for political gain. Until the public shows it won’t tolerate violence-tinged rhetoric it won’t go away or be marginalized.” 

North Dakota columnist Tony Bender opines that Sometimes, silence is golden,” at least with regard to Caylor Ellingson’s murder. But when George Floyd was killed, Bender made noise, blaming America and a “thug president who foments division and division and anarchy.” He voiced similar sentiments in the Jacob Blake murder case, citing “white supremacy” and the “White Privilege Parade.” Some victims are more important than others. 

The only reason Shannon Brandt is being charged with vehicular homicide is because he used a car. The fact that a man is drunk doesn’t mean he did not intentionally run over his victim. If he did it with purpose, then Shannon Brandt murdered Caylor Ellingson.    

In Michigan, an 84-year-old elderly pro-life grandmother was canvassing doing door-to-door to inform people to vote against a pro-abortion ballot measure coming up in  November. She was leaving one of the homes when a man came from inside the home and shot her in the back. She drove herself to the hospital where she is being treated, and recovering.   

Richard Harvey, the assailant claims he accidentally shot her, and an investigation is ongoing. In updates to this story, reports that the victim, Joan Jacobson, claims Harvey deliberately shot her. In addition, Right to Life Michigan indicates that the Facebook accounts of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey show that they are not only pro-abortion, but they despise pro-lifers. If there was motive, the investigation should uncover it. But Harvey has yet to be arrested. 

Since the Dobbs ruling in June and the overturning of Roe v. Wade, there has been an unprecedented rise in pro-abortion violence. There have been dozens of arson attacks and bombings at pro-life pregnancy centers and churches. There have been no serious investigations or arrests by either federal or local law enforcement.  

This is about using intimidation to silence people like us. Joe Biden wants to frighten and bully pro-lifers into submission, so that we don’t remain active trying to save unborn babies and help their mothers with compassionate care.    

These are the hallmarks of a totalitarian regime. Remember what Joe Biden promised in his acceptance speech? 

“I pledge to be a president that seeks not to divide, but unify, who doesn’t see red states or blue states, who only sees the United States.” 

Two years into his regime, we now know exactly what Joe Biden meant. 

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