Despite Record Murders, Far-Left Philly DA Says Progressive Policies “Working,” Blames MAGA Republicans for Crime Overtaking Country

 Krasner doubled down on his policies and says resigning is not on his mind.
Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner joined “Good Day Philadelphia” to discuss the violence plaguging the city and impeachment efforts against him. Krasner doubled down on his policies and says resigning is not on his mind. Image credit: Fox 29 Philadelphia / YouTube.

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Despite well over 1,000 homicides in his city in less than two years, far-left leaning Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner is insisting that his office’s approach to law enforcement is “working” and instead blamed the real crime in the nation on “MAGA Republicans” in a recent interview.

While speaking with Fox 29 Philadelphia reporter Mike Jerrick in a televised interview on Wednesday, Krasner – who has received immense criticism for the city’s massive spike in violent crime, claimed that his policies have, in reality, been highly successful, albeit without explaining how in light of evidence to the contrary.

“Maybe it’s not working,” Jerrick queried in regards to Krasner’s law enforcement policies.

“It is working,” Krasner insisted.

“There’s been a thousand people killed in 20 months,” Jerrick countered, an unquestionable metric of failure by nearly any standard; however, Krasner doubled-down and steadfastly maintained that his office was indeed effective in fighting crime.

“It is working,” he said. “The reality is, when you look at all these jurisdictions, we had a devastating blow from the pandemic, and there is absolutely no correlation between the progressive or traditional [approaches to crime] and the rate of crime.”

Krasner then pivoted and blamed red states for the real crime wave overtaking the country.

“The states in the U.S. that have a rate of crime that is 40 percent higher are MAGA states,” he claimed. “They are Trump states.”

Jerrick than referred to his low approval ratings – as well as the fact that he had been previously been held in contempt earlier in September by the Pennsylvania state House for allegedly refusing to comply with subpoenas –  and asked the embattled DA is he had ever thought about resigning from his post.

“That hasn’t even crossed your mind, has it?” Jerrick asked.

“No, because the fact is that Philadelphia voted for me overwhelmingly because they want what we are doing,” Krasner replied.

Despite that claim, Pennsylvania House Republicans are attempting to draw up articles of impeachment against Krasner over what they call the ineffective DA’s “willful refusal” to deal with “unchecked violent crime” in the city.

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