Despite Sagging Poll Numbers And Raging Inflation, Donna Brazile Says Biden Is Doing “Fabulous Job” With Economy

Donna Brazile
Former Democratic National Committee chairwoman Donna Brazile declared during George Stephanopoulos’ recent segment that President Joe Biden was doing a “fabulous job” on the economy. Image credit: ABC / MRC / Rumble.

NEW YORK, NY – Despite poll numbers consistently sagging below 40 points and the nation held in the grip of skyrocketing inflation, ABC contributor and former Democratic National Committee chairwoman Donna Brazile declared during chief-anchor George Stephanopoulos’ recent “Powerhouse Roundtable” segment that President Joe Biden was doing a “fabulous job” on the economy.

Brazile’s assessment of Biden was preceded by former New Jersey governor Chris Christie – another guest in the segment – noting that a new ABC/Washington Post poll indicated that the President currently has a job approval rating among registered voters of just 36 percent.

“President at 36 on his approval rating, 21 points under water. That 74 percent of people in the poll said the economy is bad. It’s the top issue to 84 percent of the people,” Christie said. “I was talking to a family famer this week…he said since Biden got into office his diesel fuel costs are up 222 percent on his farm and his nitrogen costs are up 262 percent. That’s not only bad for them and their ability to make money, but it’s going to hit us in supermarkets all over this country. This is hardly over.”

Faced with that, Stephanopoulos turned to Brazile and asked her how the issues with the country’s economy could impact Democrats’ chances at the polls in the upcoming mid-term elections.

“Is there any argument the Democrats can make that will make inflation not the top issue on voters’ mind as they go to the polls?” Stephanopoulos inquired, to which Brazile replied that – despite the recent dismal poll results – she felt that Biden was doing a bang-up job addressing the financial problems facing voters, and that they would appreciate his efforts come November.

“Joe Biden has really done a fabulous job, I think, in making sure that every day Americans can feel the things that he’s doing, whether it’s lowering gas prices, making sure that our supply chain is now moving forward, he just stopped a rail strike which really would have crippled our economy,” she said. “We know we have a big job to do in motivating people to get out to vote. But most importantly, Joe Biden is playing the long game. That’s why I’m still with Joe Biden, I’m ridin’ with Biden, baby.”

Chris Christie and Donna Brazile Battle Over the State of the Economy:

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