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Op-Ed: The Carbon Hoax, a Lowdown Dirty Lie, is Deceiving the People

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The WEF’s plan is to charge individuals, families, schools, companies, organizations, businesses, corporation and all industries a carbon emission tax. File photo: Tatiana Grozetskaya, Shutter Stock, licensed.

PORTSMOUTH, OH – Folks, there is NO existential threat to the planet and humanity from carbon emissions. Humans are not going to perish due to global warming. The climate crisis annihilation propaganda is permeating falsehoods across the entire population by the World Economic Forum minions and their lying leader Klaus Schwab – “You’ll own nothing and be happy about it.” A Wanna-Be king, Schwab renamed The New World Order to The Great Reset to make his totalitarian takeover sound less communistic. And he’s using the Carbon Hoax to scare the population into giving up democracy and civil liberties for safety – but it’s a ruse. And King Charles, another Carbon Hoax crusader, is BFFs with Schwab.  

In 2012, Forbes reported, “John Coleman, the founder of The Weather Channel, and various other critics have called the theory that human use of carbon-based fossil fuels will lead to catastrophic global warming or climate change a “hoax.” It is, but it’s more than that, it’s criminal.” 

It’s criminal — that’s what Coleman declared. 

“By constantly railing about “carbon emissions,” Trudeau, Obama and others encourage people to think of carbon dioxide as something “dirty,” like soot, which really is carbon. Calling CO2 by its proper name would help the public remember that it is actually an invisible, odorless gas essential to plant photosynthesis.”

“The Carbon Hoax: A Story—Ruling the World with a Big Lie” is a 2020 book by Howell Woltz. The climate cultists changed the verbiage of “global warming” to “climate change” because they knew the globe was not warming. Howell gives the historical background of the Global Warming movement launched in 1968 as a plan to create fear and panic, worldwide. 

“Chinese dictator Xi Jinping continues to play the world for a fool on carbon emissions,” according to a 2019 opinion piece in The Washington Examiner.

The WEF’s plan is to charge individuals, families, schools, companies, organizations, businesses, corporation and all industries a carbon emission tax. And you will be charged based on how much energy (i.e., electricity, natural gas) and resources you use. These autocrats want to move people away from private property and into apartment pods for better control and surveillance.  

The WEF’s tentacles have reached into the Canvass AI (artificial intelligence) business to increase compliance and surveillance concerning how corporations and businesses manage carbon emission in global manufacturing.

Canvass AI is at the forefront of enabling industrial companies to transform their operations using AI…At Canvass, our mission is to make AI easy-to-use so that the industrial sector can accelerate their transformation into a profitable and environmentally sustainable industry.  This starts with empowering industrial workforces to leverage data themselves – not data scientists or 3rd parties…Today, the world’s largest industrial companies are using Canvass to optimize processes, reduce waste, and cut their CO2 emissions.” 


Artificial Intelligence (AI) can deliver real impact for companies as soon as they embark on the AI journey – from increasing profitability and workforce productivity to reducing unplanned downtime and carbon emissions…In addition, implementing AI can help industrial companies optimize assets and processes to reduce energy and material wastage, eliminating industry’s role in ~25% of global carbon emissions. 

Solve Industry’s Most Common Challenges. [] Leverage pre-built AI templates to configure AI models to optimize production, improve energy efficiency, reduce emissions, lower maintenance cost, and improve reliability. 

Using Canvass AI, a leading global food company has recorded savings 4% in annual energy costs and a 9.39-million-pound reduction in carbon emission.    

In one case, AI is being used to automate the optimization of gas turbines. However, because changes in fuel setpoints are being automated and the plant’s control system still maintains its safe operating window. Alarms will be activated if thresholds are breached due to predictions deviating outside of the expected operating conditions – providing you an extra safeguard.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the chemical industry accounts for about 10% of global total final energy consumption and 7% of greenhouse gas emissions. 

Does Canvass AI know the Carbon Hoax is a ruse? 

“Klaus Schwab is the new Karl Marx. This is the greatest organized conspiracy in human history and the press is welcoming it with open arms. You will own nothing in 10 years, but you will also have no rights. – Papers Please!”

The time to speak out is now. Share my column on social media and send to your state representatives, governor, and attorney general. Write a Letter to the Editor for your local newspaper. Tell your family, kids, friends, school, church, and community about the Carbon Hoax.  

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