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Op-Ed: Cannot Speak About Almost Anything In Our “Free” Nation

A nation that does not promote and rejoice in “freedom of speech,” is not free. File photo: Siam Pukkato, Shutter Stock, licensed.

SPRING HILL, FL – Whatever happened to our First Amendment rights? Free speech is essential to be considered “free.” If you cannot speak openly about what you see and think, you are being repressed. A nation that does not promote and rejoice in “freedom of speech,” is not free.

When government dictates what you can and cannot say, you have a tyrannical government. Citizens voices are stifled while the government voices have a megaphone. What people hear is government propaganda through social media isolating them from viewpoints of other citizens. This is done using subtle or in-your-face ways. Ultimately the citizenry is being indoctrinated to the point of view of the government.

The smothering of citizen’s voices leaves people in a dilemma. Does a person speak up to be labeled as a “terrorist” of the state or remain silent?  Most citizens with close family and friends might be open with them but closed-mouthed in public. They could pay the price of being cancelled, be visited by government agencies, be committed to an institution, or other drastic consequences.  This fear of government is spread openly throughout the society to shut down any debate.

Lies and more lies are perpetuated by government-controlled media to keep trepidation in the people’s minds. Raids by government agencies against any potential freedom leaders frequently demonstrate the futility of pushing back on the establishment. Many antigovernment leaders’ homes and businesses were illegally violated by official thugs.  The Mar-a-lago invasion of President Trump’s residency showed us that no one is safe from government lawlessness. Outspoken freedom-loving leaders are unjustly violated to show the state’s power. The psyop campaigns to silence the public are ingenious and constantly repeated in the media.

Only certain video clips were released of the January 6th event while the vast majority of videos still have not been seen. The government has acknowledged that there were at least 20 federal agents embedded in the crowd on January 6th. What were they doing?

The government-controlled media at first attempted to describe malicious action against the authorities at the capitol even saying that a number of police were killed, which was not true. Ashlee Babbit, an unarmed, ex-military was shot in the neck by a police officer for no apparent reason. She died immediately. The only other casualty was a woman who was beaten by police in the tunnel nearby.

The congressional investigating team that was supposed to uncover what really happened, was a kangaroo court led by so-called republican, Liz Chaney. In her role as “vice chair.” It was pushed by the media but gained little traction with the public. This “insurrection” also cannot be questioned by citizens. Some of the participants have been imprisoned for almost two years and have not yet received an official trial. Americans have not received an answer why these gestapo tactics can take place with our constitutional protections.

The 2020 presidential election is another off-limits topic. There was late night tabulation that resulted in an incredible shift from a strong lead by Trump to a Biden lead. There were voting irregularities blamed on the Dominion machines, drop boxes and changes in the early mail-in ballots. The election results are off limits as un-American while democrat candidates in the past like Al Gore and Hillary Clinton still complain about their stolen elections. It is forbidden for the American people to talk about the possibility of Trump’s stolen election.

The Covid epidemic origins are off limits. Dr. Fauci and the Chinese “gain-of-function” research is defined by the National Institute of Health as research designed to “enhance the pathogenicity or transmissibility of potential pandemic pathogens.” The questionable restrictions placed on our citizens along with the side effects of the vaccines have not been allowed to be public.

There was little media coverage of the “Summer of Love” 2020 devastating riots in major cities all over the USA. They were spoken of as “mostly peaceful” while burning buildings, beatings and rampant looting was shown in the background.

Hunter Biden’s computer was well known but covered up by the FBI until well after the election. This was verified by FBI whistleblowers and documented by recently released internal emails. The FBI raid of Mar-a-lago is still under investigation as the justice department has refused to release documents showing the legal justification for the raid.  FBI agents took “the pillow guy,” Mike Lindel’s phone taken away with no specific reason other than to intimidate him and scores of others.

These examples and many more can be mentioned illustrating the replacement of the freedom of speech with illegal government intimidation. The concept of citizens being silent when government does not follow the constitution is unacceptable. How much more do we have to suffer from a dictatorial government before we speak up in unison?

Eliminating free speech is the death of all our liberties.

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