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Op-Ed: Commissioner Nikki Fried Uses Migrants as Pawns to Scold Gov. DeSantis and Demand Senseless Investigation

 Nikki Fried as she spoke with FOX 13 Tampa Bay's Craig Patrick in a one-on-one interview in August 2022 to discuss her platform run for governor. Image credit: Fox 13 / YouTube.
Nikki Fried as she spoke with FOX 13 Tampa Bay’s Craig Patrick in a one-on-one interview in August 2022 to discuss her platform run for governor. Image credit: Fox 13 / YouTube.

PORTSMOUTH, OH – Leaders that act like toddlers throwing temper tantrums when they don’t get their way, exhausts the neurons in my brain. And increases the wrinkles on my forehead. It appears many attended the school for pouty and rowdy kids – no curriculum on emotional regulation. 

“Florida Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services Nikki Fried, an independently-elected member of the Florida Cabinet, wrote to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland requesting an investigation into the transportation of 50 migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts by Governor Ron DeSantis. The migrants were transported across state lines by plane from and undisclosed location and dropped in the small island community without notice to local authorities,” according to a recent Press Release. 

Peruse the Letter to Attorney General Garland. 

Fried writes to the DOJ, “The use of human beings to score political points is first and foremost detestable.” 

Yes, it is detestable and Team Biden deserves Fried’s wrath, not DeSantis. Let’s use logic and common sense. Does Fried even care about secure borders for our country?  

Fried dives into haughty virtue signaling and uses projection as she chastises DeSantis for using “human beings as political pawns,” which is exactly what she is doing by demanding an investigation that will put more fear into these individuals. 

The immigrant individuals are apprehension, confused, and anxious; hence they don’t need a suit or a badge firing senseless questions at them about who said what upon their arrival. This is my opinion as a former social worker. Water, food, and safe shelter – they are concerned about basic needs and not a he-said, she-said inquiry.  

My questions: Is Fried ticked off about losing the Democrat gubernatorial primary? Is she seeking revenge on conservatives? What are her motives for stirring the pot?  

Read Fried’s snarly tweet. 

“They deserve compassion & empathy, two qualities unfamiliar to the Governor.”  

She sounds like an angry teenager lashing out against a parent. Gov. DeSantis is still her governor and she shows a lack of respect for an elected leader – typical of wokeness. 

The Federalist reports, “President Joe Biden, on the other hand, faced no such charges of human trafficking over secret flights of illegal underage migrants in the middle of the night uncovered by the New York Post. In the meantime, Biden’s open border policies, which continue to flood communities with illegal migrants, foster a severe humanitarian crisis complete with an actual human trafficking industry.” 

Jordan Boyd’s article is titled, “The Real Cruelties For Illegal Migrants Lie In Biden’s Open Border Policies, Not A Trip To Martha’s Vineyard.”

I agree with Boyd. Go straight to the root cause of the border crisis and you’ll find Team Biden and the Deep State cabal. 

Fried is clearly playing the blame-shame Democrat game. She probably learned it from toxic- tongued Charlie Crist, Democrat candidate running for Florida governor. 

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