Op-Ed: U.S. Needs To Banish George Soros, Klaus Schwab, and Bill Gates to Another Planet

George Soros
These billionaires hold no public offices and bear no presidential titles, yet the power of their tentacles reach around the globe via the Open Society Foundation, the World Economic Forum, and the Bill Gates Foundation. Throw money at worthy causes and reap more power and prestige. File photo: Alexandros Michailidis, Shutter Stock, licensed.

PORTSMOUTH, OH –  George Soros, Klaus Schwab, and Bill Gates are three narcissists who cannot be impeached, fired, or asked to resign because they are not elected officials of any nation. These billionaires hold no public offices and bear no presidential titles, yet the power of their tentacles reach around the globe via the Open Society Foundation, the World Economic Forum, and the Bill Gates Foundation. Throw money at worthy causes and reap more power and prestige.

And they’ve trained and gained multiple minions as they’ve promoted poisonous propaganda with the outcome being a desire for a global governing empire. It’s an ages-old agenda that used the novice coronavirus pandemic as a worldwide power grab. 

And they want to grab America and destroy our freedoms. Well, America is NOT for sell. 

However, Soros, Schwab, and Gates are mere fronters, now in the public eye, as their nefarious plan is coming into full fruition. Who is at the top of the power pyramid pinnacle? Wealthy families of old money, former or current military leaders, communists despots, and/or a combination of powerful megalomaniacs?  


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Soros. According to a 2019 video news story by Dr. Steve Turley at his podcast that provides patriotic analysis, Soros and his Open Society Foundation was “officially banned from 6 nations.” These included: Philippines, Hungary, Russia, Turkey, Poland, and Pakistan. Turley provided sources for each country that kicked out Soros. His goals: open borders, mass immigration, drug legalization, legalization of prostitution, abortion, globalization, and undermining traditional values by spending millions to elect radical. 

According to a 2022 article in The Washington Examiner“Soros-backed district attorneys face growing backlash as crime spikes…Liberal billionaire George Soros has sunk millions of dollars over the past several years into boosting candidates that have advocated reforms such as ending cash bail, barring prosecutions of minors as adults, and declining to bring cases against a host of less serious, but frequently disruptive, violations of the law.” 

Liberal-backed cities have one thing in common — at the center of the violence sits a Soros-funded district attorney. The Washington Examiner website has several pages of articles dedicated to his malevolent and malicious deeds. And Soros lives in Long Island, NY – a hub of political unrest and wokeness.  

Soros is bad news for our land of liberty. 

Schwab. Dr. Turley tweeted: Our northern neighbor is a window into our future under globalism. Canada is WEF occupied territory GROUND ZERO with Klaus Schwab lackies embedded deep in their administrative state. Add the problem of the US’s growing diversity the Great Reset is going to get scary… 

“You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy about it,” is the slogan of Schwab, founder of The World Economic Forum (aka Great Reset, New World Order). In the U.S., WEF has offices in New York and California.  

The Center for Garden State Families calls Schwab, “The most dangerous man in the world.”  

“As we can see, Mr. Schwab has been impacted by his childhood growing up under a totalitarian Fascist State. This significant event growing up in Fascist Germany has influenced his worldview, as we can see from his writings,” the article surmises.  

“A lot of people are starting to feel as if Klaus Schwab is the anti-Christ. He is advocating that no one should buy or sell without a digital health certificate, and he advocates trans-humanism while insisting on lockdowns of even religion. I don’t know about being the anti-Christ, but he is a very sick and highly dangerous man. Any world leader who travels to his conferences should be thrown out of office,” according to a 2022 article on the website of Armstrong Economics.” 

Schwab is bad news for our land of liberty. 

Gates. Dr. Turley discussed Bill Gates’ relationship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, which began in 2013. “We are seeing more and more how the political class, the elite class, live according to their own rules. They make the rules that we all have to live under while they live above those laws,” declares Turley. 

It’s 2022. Where is the investigation that examines Gates’ former visits to the Epstein dwellings?   

Why is Gates gobbling up farmland? He now owns 268,984 acres of multi-use land in 19 states. 

South Dakota Congressman Dusty Johnson is demanding Bill Gates be brought before a committee to explain why he is purchasing vast amounts of farmland in the United States while telling Americans to stop eating meat. 

Gates is bad news for our land of liberty. 

Soros, Schwab, and Gates are supervillains that masquerade as superheroes and America’s problem-solving saviors. And they promote The Great Reset (aka The New World Order) – a global totalitarian empire. They are bad news for our land of liberty. 

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