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Op-Ed: Man-Made Climate Change – Is it Real or is it Imagined?

Climate Change
They claim that there is “overwhelming” scientific proof that global warming (a/k/a climate change) is real and caused by human activity, including “human caused” carbon dioxide (that harmful pollutant that all of us breathe out every time we exhale). Was John Coleman wrong? File photo: Halfpoint, Shutter Stock, licensed.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – First it was global cooling, but that didn’t work, so they then latched onto global warming, and when that didn’t work, they changed it to climate change, which embraced both global cooling and global warming in one catchall phrase. However you call it, it still is a scam, as the late John Coleman, founder of the “Weather Channel”, once stated. Here’s what John Coleman said, “Climate change” is not happening, there is no significant man-made global warming now, there hasn’t been any in the past and there is no reason to expect any in the future”. Of course, the climate change fanatics challenged that statement by Coleman. They claim that there is “overwhelming” scientific proof that global warming (a/k/a climate change) is real and caused by human activity, including “human caused” carbon dioxide (that harmful pollutant that all of us breathe out every time we exhale). Was John Coleman wrong?

To listen to the climate change fanatics (mostly with a liberal orientation), you’d think the world (especially the U.S.) is going to hell in a hand basket because of man-made climate change. It’s a steady stream of doom and gloom predictions making it seem that it will be one catastrophe after another waiting to happen if we don’t do something immediately, if not sooner. What can they do, they never really can say, except that it is generally anti-Capitalism and pro-Socialism rhetoric, with the “Great Satan” the United States as the main culprit. They never mention the fact that the U.S. has cut pollution the most of any country in the world, while the countries that espouse socialism and communism are the biggest polluters on earth, and they seem to don’t give a damn.

To these climate change fanatics, any environmental disaster such as tornadoes, forest fires, hurricanes, heat waves and cold waves, floods etc. are all caused by climate change, they never mention what part Mother Nature plays in the scheme of things. Environmental disasters have been taking place ever since the world began, when there was no fossil fuel use and no SUV’s to cause the disasters referred to previously. Data and facts don’t seem to matter to the climate change fanatics, it seems their minds are made up and you can’t convince them otherwise, even by showing them the facts. They all seem to be part of a new religion, called, “Man-Made Climate Change”. Here are some of the facts they won’t admit to.

  1. The great Barrier Reef is not dying from pollution (as some environmentalists claim), in fact, scientists revealed that two-thirds of the reef shows the highest coral cover since records began in 1985.  Little mention of that is reported in the biased media.
  2. Contrary to Al Gore and the climate fanatics, the polar bear population has not been decreasing due to melting ice, in fact, it has been increasing from between five and ten thousand in the1960’s to around 26,000 today. Hardly a thinning of the polar bear population.
  3. The deadliest environmental problem, air pollution, was 4 times more likely to kill you in 1920 than today, mostly then through poverty cooking and heating with dung and wood, not fossil fuels.
  4. In the United States, and many other parts of the world, heat deaths are actually declining mainly due to access to air conditioning (powered by fossil fuels), approximately about 20,000 deaths per year, whereas cold kills about 170,000, and might be greater in the future as liberal politicians institute more “Green Laws”  making energy costs increase dramatically, meaning fewer people can afford to to keep warm.

(Much of these facts were compiled by Bjorn Lomborg, President of the Copenhagen Consensus and Visiting Fellow at Stanford University, and author of the book, “False Alarm: How Climate Change Panic Costs Us Trillions. Hurts the Poor and Fails to Fix the Planet”).

Two of the greatest proponents of the man-made climate change cabal has been Al Gore and ex-President Barack Obama, who both have built multi-million dollar homes on the ocean- front coasts.  Gore in California and Obama in Martha’s Vineyard. They claim that due to the melting ice caps, the seas will rise by many feet thereby causing massive destruction of property due to flooding. I guess they are not really believing in what they say by buying those beach front homes? Added to the hypocrisy of these climate change fanatics is the Climate Change Czar, John Kerry, who owns multiple large homes (that consumes much energy) and a yacht and a private plane which both emit much pollution into the environment as he travels around the world preaching the theory of climate change.

So the doom and gloom climate change fanatics are great at preaching the motto “Do as I say not as I do”, but the big losers are not the very wealthy, but the poor and middle class who must live by the rules set down by the climate change fanatics.

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