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Op-Ed: Floridians Needs to Keep Pro-Life Conservative Marco Rubio in the Senate

Conservative Marco Rubio
Conservative Marco Rubio has stood strong for unborn babies and now he needs conservatives to stand behind him and vote in November.  File photo: Rich Koele, Shutter Stock, licensed.

PORTSMOUTH, OH –  According to a recent article in The Washington Times Campaign 2022 coverage, “Polls put Mrs. Demings, who represents the state’s 10th Congressional District, within 3 percentage points of Mr. Rubio, a Republican running for a third term. The race is starting to look like a toss-up.” After pouring money into a campaign ad blitz at the beginning of summer, a poll showed Demings numbers jumped 8 points. 

Rubio has stood strong for unborn babies and now he needs conservatives to stand behind him and vote in November.  

The article continues, “In late August, Mr. Rubio told a CBS-4 Miami television host who pressed him on abortion access that he opposed the procedure from the moment of conception. Mr. Rubio said he has always supported legislation that allows exceptions to abortion bans, but “the dignity and the worth of human life is not tied to the circumstances of their conception.” 

In an August online poll from the University of North Florida, 78 percent of Democrats said the Supreme Court decision on abortion has made them more likely to vote in November. 


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A large share of Floridians disagrees with the Legislature’s push to restrict abortion and classroom discussion of sexual orientation. The Florida House passed a bill in February of 2022 to ban abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy, one of the stiffest restrictions in the nation. But 57 percent of voters polled by the Public Opinion Research Lab at UNF oppose the bill either strongly or somewhat, based on a report at WJCT News.

“At the same time, Democrats have criticized Mr. Rubio’s pro-life position. Polling shows that the party’s base is energized by the Supreme Court’s decision that leaves the legal status of abortion up to the states,” The Washington Times article added. 

Does Demings support Czar Joe Biden’s agenda? 

“Val Demings claims she’s running to represent all of Florida, but she has never once rejected Joe Biden’s agenda or his rhetoric,” Mr. Rubio told Fox News.

Neither Florida nor America needs another liberal supporting Czar Joe Biden’s (aka the Deep State cabal’s) agenda for our land of liberty. The radical rogues of a Democrat sect are fighting to destroy freedom-loving citizens as evidenced by Biden’s recent speech of division and destruction.  

Citizens, pray for Marco Rubio and praise God for our pro-life political leaders. 

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