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Op-Ed: FBI Thugs Visit Average Trump Supporter Because of So-Called “Anonymous Tip” She Participated in Capital Riot

Lisa Gallagher
Interview of Lisa Gallagher of New Jersey on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”  Credit: Fox News / YouTube.

PORTSMOUTH, OH – The Joe Biden regime and The FBI (aka the arm of the Deep State cabal) are following the dictatorial agenda to use ongoing fearmongering and propaganda to silence MAGA freedom-loving Americans.

Czar Biden, in his recent speech of heresy, gave the command for radical left liberals to go after any citizen that supports President Donald Trump. It appears that the treasonous tyrants of the shadow government are turning up the pressure prior to the November elections.  

“Dictators long ago found out it is easier to unite people in common hatred than common love.” 

–Dagobert D. Runes 

“One day after President Biden’s dark speech at Independence Hall, warning that the MAGA movement is a threat to democracy, three FBI agents showed up at the door of a Trump supporter based off an anonymous tip that she was at the Jan. 6 Capitol riot,” reported the Townhall.  

Watch the interview of Lisa Gallagher of New Jersey on Fox News’Tucker Carlson Tonight.” 

“I was terrified. I’ll be honest with you, when my daughter woke me up telling me there were three armed FBI officers at my door, I thought she was joking. I immediately tried to throw [on] clothes. I called my husband, I was crying, my knees were shaking. And even though I knew I had done nothing wrong, after seeing Joe Biden’s speech the night before, I thought, ‘Oh my God, this is political.” 

— Lisa Gallagher

As Carlson emphasized, Gallagher was not at the Capitol riot or even in Washington, D.C., and was not accused of any crime. So, this is a warning for Trump supporters to keep their cellphones charged to be able to videotape a FBI visit in the middle of the night or in the wee hours of the morning; keep an attorney and Tucker Carlson on speed-dial; and ditch Facebook (aka Meta).  

Apparently, our tax dollars are paying the salaries of FBI thugs to harass innocent conservative citizens. And of course, the mainstream media mafia will not cover these stories which makes them complicit in my opinion.  

“The point (and this is a theme in every authoritarian regime), the point was to use government agents to intimidate enemies of the regime on the basis of an anonymous tip,”

— Tucker Carlson

I doubt whether there was an anonymous tip. Sounds like a shut-your-mouth squad to me. 

“In a democracy, you believe it or not. In a dictatorship, you believe it or else.”

— Evan Esar
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