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Op-Ed: Kari Lake, A Conservative Powerhouse For Pro-America And Pro-Freedom Running for Arizona Governor

In January of this year, journalist Nike Lulli interviewed Kari Lake for our own Published Reporter. Image credit:
In January of this year, journalist Nike Lulli interviewed Kari Lake for our own Published Reporter. Image credit:

PORTSMOUTH, OH – Kari Lake, a powerhouse for pro-America and pro-freedom, is an Arizona political paragon. Her love of God, family, and country is transparent in her speeches and interviews.

Excerpts from Lake’s website:

I think it is extremely wrong for government, business and schools to mandate this vaccine… Worse, these vaccines have now been shown to have significant, deadly side effects while providing little or no protection against contracting Covid-19… As your governor, I will ban vaccine mandates in government and provide protection for individuals working in the private sector to ensure that every Arizonan has the right to make medical decisions for themselves. 

As Americans, we have the freedom to worship where, when, and how we choose. I will work with our legislature to pass a law preventing any government interference of this fundamental liberty under any circumstances. No governor, no Mayor, no board will have the right to shut down religious observances or worship. Ever. 

We’ve allowed a handful of perpetually-aggrieved emotional infants to hijack our language and culture while trying to dictate the words we speak and the thoughts we are allowed to hold. Then along came Twitter, and suddenly tech companies, media, schools, and governments decided it was better to give the unbalanced what they wanted than ignore a bunch of unhinged tweets. Why are we allowing this? The vast majority of Arizonans, and Americans generally, abhor political correctness and cancel culture. 


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In January of this year, journalist Nike Lulli interviewed Kari Lake for our own Published Reporter.

Lake gave insight into why she wants to be involved in politics: 

Being a former journalist of 27 years, Lake witnessed the cracks and crevices in modern mainstream media as the coronavirus pandemic unfolded. Using discernment, she focused in on the censoring of alternative information and knowledge about COVID-19 and treatment. 

Excerpts from Lake’s interview: 

  • “Journalism had died and it had become a beast of pushing and peddling propaganda.”
  • “I knew the media was bad. I did not know it’s this bad.”  
  • “We’re in the eleventh hour of trying to save this country.” 

“Kari Lake is a STRONG WOMAN and will truly be a GOVERNOR for the PEOPLE of ARIZONA. She Doesn’t owe any favors to the political class or any special interests.” –General Michael Flynn 

There is no doubt that God has chosen Kari Lake for such a time as this. Citizens, please pray for Lake, her family, and that people in Arizona go to the polls in November. 

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