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Op-Ed: Hospital, Doctor, Children’s Protective Services, Police, and Legal System Tried to Take Baby Cyrus From Loving Parents

Baby Cyrus
A case in Idaho around baby Cyrus being taken from his family by Child Protective Services (CPS) is bringing attention to the financial incentives and extralegal powers states have when taking children from their parents Image credit: Save Baby Cyrus / Facebook.

PORTSMOUTH, OH – This is an appalling story that you must see and read about for yourself. Watch the video where Ammon Bundy (Idaho governor candidate) explains the entire sorted story about a hospital, a doctor, CPS, the police, the hospital CEO, and the legal system.

“St. Luke’s hospital is suing me; why I’m not a participant in court…The CEO of St Luke’s hospital is paid 8.2 million annually and he is saying that I financially harmed him,” writes Bundy.

Watch “The Entire Baby Cyrus Kidnapping Story” at Freedomman Press.

According to the website, Marissa, the baby’s mother, “was level-headed enough in the midst of being threatened by scores of police officers to LIVESTREAM the entire process of them forcibly ripping Cyrus out of her hands. Facebook has apparently already shut her page down and then opened it again.” 

Read the entire article at the website. (May 5th, 2022 | by Diego Rodriguez, Grandfather) 


My grandson, Baby Cyrus was kidnapped by police officers from Meridian, Idaho at the behest of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare for no reason other than financial gain. The story and the actions of all bad actors, including police officers, politicians, St. Luke’s hospital, nurses, doctors, the prosecutor, the judge, and other bureaucrats have been so egregious, tyrannical, and demonstratively ILLEGAL, that the story has made national and even international news, and has been featured by news outlets all over the country—with some believing that this is now the highest profile CPS kidnapping case in American history. 

Now, I am about to show you empirical evidence that my Grandson, Baby Cyrus, was violently kidnapped by Meridian police, without cause and without evidence, that Baby Cyrus was falsely declared to be in “imminent danger,” even though CPS and St. Luke’s hospital admitted that he was not, and that my daughter and son-in-law were illegally prosecuted in secret, without due process, and in violation of their Constitutional rights and in violation of multiple Idaho State statutes. 

The truth is that since Bill and Hillary Clinton gave America the ASFA law in 1997, all 50 states are now financially incentivized to kidnap children for any reason whatsoever. The federal government literally pays state governments to kidnap children under the guise of protecting them. They have indiscriminate power and authority to kidnap any child at any time for any reason, without due process, and they literally get paid to do so. 

Senator Nancy Schaefer of Georgia was the first prominent national figure to bring this to light in public. She spent countless hours investigated CPS, following the money trail, uncovering their corruption and evil, and ultimately wrote the report, “The Corrupt Business of Child Protective [Services].”

See updates about Baby Cyrus on Facebook.


August 2022 update on Baby Cyrus from Marissa. This last month has mainly just consisted of running tests on Cyrus. One of the test results showed that he tested positive for C. DIFF. (basically a bacterial infection in the colon). We can’t know for sure how he got it, but his current doctor thinks it’s possible that he picked up the infection during one of his hospital stays at St. Luke’s. (Hospitals are one of the most common places where C. DIFF. is contracted.) 

It seems that his vomiting is being spaced out more. We’re very encouraged and hopeful to find more answers as we continue with testing, and his current primary doctor here in Florida has been absolutely amazing to work with. He seems to be taking us on the right path to find answers. We are grateful for him and for all the doctors and health specialists who have helped us along this journey. 

As we have learned, and as has been masterfully described in Stew Peter’s documentary, “These Little Ones,” our system in America is not designed to protect children nor to restore family unity. It does just the opposite. 

My court date for my criminal trial, where I am being criminally charged for “resisting and obstructing an officer,” because I wouldn’t give Baby Cyrus to Officer Steve Hansen who wanted to forcefully kidnap him from my hands, is still being actively fought. The next hearing has been delayed until October 6th. Please pray for our legal team that they can help us get this case rightfully dismissed. Imagine being charged criminally for not complying with someone who is illegally kidnapping your child! That is what is happening in this case. And I was always told that America was the “Land of the Free.” 

Please pray for this precious family and for legal justice for all. And share this info on social media.

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