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Op-Ed: Editor of Cleveland Plain Dealer Newspaper Goes Mainstream Media Mad on Republican Rally

J.D. Vance and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis held a campaign rally Friday evening in Liberty.
J.D. Vance and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis held a campaign rally Friday evening in Liberty.

PORTSMOUTH, OH – Editor Chris Quinn whined during an interview by the Nieman Reports as to why his newspaper did not cover an Ohio Senate candidate’s (J.D. Vance and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis) rally and the dangers press restrictions place on a free society. 

The Plain Dealer is the major newspaper of Cleveland, Ohio. In 2019, it ranked 23rd in U.S. newspaper circulation. Advance Local owns the newspaper. 

“Overall, we rate The Plain Dealer Left-Center Biased based on editorial positions that moderately favor the left” – that’s according to Media Bias/Fact Check.

Blah, Blah, Blah. Quinn gave excuse and after excuse as he tried to explain why he made national headlines for not covering a political conservative event. And then he wrote a column blasting Vance and DeSantis for having a policy for press coverage. Is he proud of being a partisan media maniac? I think so.  

Quinn’s column was a bellyaching rant about Vance and DeSantis. In summary, Quinn refused to follow the policy and took his ball and went home.  

Quinn wrote, “Think about what they were doing here. They were staging an event to rally people to vote for Vance while instituting the kinds of policies you’d see in a fascist regime. A wannabe U.S. Senator, and maybe a wannabe president.” 

So, Quinn called Vance and DeSantis fascists. Hmmm. Who does that sound like?  

Addressing a crowd of Democratic donors in Maryland, Biden said, “What we’re seeing now is either the beginning or the death knell of an extreme MAGA philosophy. It’s not just Trump, it’s the entire philosophy that underpins the — I’m going to say something — it’s semi-fascism.” 

Maybe Vance and DeSantis had an inkling they wouldn’t receive fair coverage from Quinn’s newspaper without implementing some guidelines.  

The following is Quinn backtracking because he got called out. 

“When I wrote the J.D. Vance one, I really was not thinking about beyond us. It was really for the northeast. And shame on me. I should have realized. It’s politics, it’s J.D. Vance, and so it would clearly catch fire. It was odd because it had its normal readership and then on that Tuesday, boom, it was the number one piece on our site for the day, because it was being shared so widely. But I think, look, it’s good. We in journalism don’t talk about these things often enough, and none of us has the answer. I’m not saying that what we did is right. It’s just we’re trying to do something and most importantly explain our decision process so that people understand why we did what we did.” 

“Do you worry about the implications of not covering these kinds of rallies?” asked the interviewer. 

Blah, blah, blah. More rhetoric from Quinn. His weasel-worded attempt to cover his backside was apparent. 

“Democracy has never been more threatened,” proclaimed Quinn during the interview. Hmmm. Who does that sound like? Is Quin BFF’s with Czar Joe Biden?  

Joe Biden’s “anti-MAGA Republicans” speech at Independence Hall in Philadelphia rebuked pro-Trump Republicans as a “clear and present danger” to American democracy. 

I guess the Cleveland Plain Dealer is now an official radical lefty fish-wrapper.  

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