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Op-Ed: Big Tech Censorship Cultists Suspend Children’s Health Defense

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Robert F Kennedy Jr. at the Arizona March for Medical Freedom at the State Capitol building. Rally to protect medical rights. May 18, 2019. File photo: In The Light Photography, Shutter Stock, licensed.

PORTSMOUTH, OH – In August of 2022, without warning, Facebook and Instagram deplatformed the Children’s Health Defense (CHD). This followed a lawsuit and appeal filed by the CHD against Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and three fact-checking outfits for censorship. 

According to The Defender (CHD’s newsletter), notification from Facebook included the statement, “We encourage free expression, but don’t allow false information about COVID-19 that could contribute to physical harm.” 

Hmmm. Could the following info explain why? 

The CHD produced documents showing the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) is advising Big Tech on censoring coronavirus and vaccine info. Hours after the CHD was suspended, the CDC announced a major restructure in response to a defective response to COVID-19. Two days later, the CDC changed the COVID-19 guidelines to indicate that the vaccines are ineffective, just as the CHD have claimed for over one year. 

Robert Kennedy, Jr., chairman of CHD and the chief legal counsel responded:  

“Facebook is acting here as a surrogate for the federal government’s crusade to silence all criticism of draconian government policies. Our constitutional framers recognized this peril of government censorship. We don’t need the First Amendment to protect popular or government-approved speech. They incorporated the First Amendment specifically to protect free expression of dissenting opinions. They understood that a government that can silence its critics has a license for every atrocity.” 

It appears, the CDC, Big Pharma, Czar Anthony Fauci, minion Bill Gates, Big Tech, World Health Organization, World Economic Forum, and the United Nations, among other powerful globalists are alive and well in the COVID-19 censorship caravan.  

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