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Op-Ed: Is Moral Depravity Pushing People Towards Tolerating, Accepting, And Promoting Pedophilia?

Why is there a controversy over whether or not to destigmatize pedophilia? Are mainstream news outlets trying to “normalize” pedophilia? File photo: Roman Chazov, Shutter Stock, licensed.

PORTSMOUTH, OH – Child sexual molestation, child rape, and child sexual abuse are terms that label the most heinous of crimes against children. Perverts, sex offenders, child molesters, child sex abusers, and pedophiles are words/terms that label sexual predators/perpetrators.  

“I stared out at him, but his face was blurry through all my tears. The whites of his eyes are forever seared into my memory. I cannot get those eyes or his disgusting grin out of my head.” ―Erin Merryn, “An Unimaginable Act: Overcoming and Preventing Child Abuse Through Erin’s Law” 

Jeffery Epstein, Larry Nassar, Jerry Sandusky, and Richard Strauss are some of the high-profile sexual predators. Peruse the Jeffery Epstein archives at The Western Journal for a plethora of news articles. 

“Thousands of Pedophile Priests Abused Over 200,000 Children in French Catholic Church” is the title of a 2021 article in Newsweek.

In a 2021 commentary for the Daily Signal, the writer asserts, “Some on the left have made a concerted effort of late to “normalize” pedophilia by twisting language and shifting concern from would-be victims to the pedophile himself. That’s a dangerous precedent everyone must understand and confront.” 

“Hundreds of Southern Baptist leaders, volunteers accused of sexual misconduct in bombshell investigation,” is the title of a 2019 news report on Fox News

To Catch a Predator was a Dateline American reality television series that used a hidden camera to film adult males caught in the act of pursuing sex with minors as part of a sting operation. 

Why is there a controversy over whether or not to destigmatize pedophilia? 

Are other mainstream news outlets trying to “normalize” pedophilia?

In 2022, an article in USA Today entitled “What the public keeps getting wrong about pedophilia” received so much backlash, the title was changed.  

A 2022 opinion article in the New York Post, entitled “Professor’s redefinition of pedophilia could help offenders demand rights” examined the book, “A Long, Dark Shadow: Minor-Attracted People and Their Pursuit of Dignity” by Allyn Walker. “At issue is Walker’s wish to redefine pedophilia from an activity to a group identity. This is the basic move of the left — an activity can be prohibited, but a group identity possesses uncompromisable rights. To establish a “MAP” identity is to establish rights for pedophiles — and once pedophiles have rights, nothing will be allowed to contravene those rights. MAPs will gain the right to work in schools, to act as they will with children age 17, age 16 . . . and so on.” 

In July 2018, a TEDx speaker argued that pedophilia should be accepted as “an unchangeable sexual orientation.”  

In 2015, the Washington Post printed a piece entitled, “We’re shocked by every nice guy caught with child porn. But we shouldn’t be. Our image of pedophiles is completely wrong.” 

In 2014, the New York Times published an opinion piece entitled, “Pedophilia: A Disorder, Not A Crime.” 

In 2013, The Atlantic printed the article, “I, Pedophile: Child pornography should end. As an ex-convict, I ask: Is prison the most effective way to address demand?” 

In 2012, CNN asked: “Do pedophiles deserve sympathy?” 

“If someone would have talked in school about safe touch and unsafe touch, I believe I would have spoken up as a child and not been victimized over and over again for years, but that day never came, which is why my mission now is to protect children from the childhood I could not be protected from.” ―Erin Merryn, “An Unimaginable Act: Overcoming and Preventing Child Abuse Through Erin’s Law” 

What is the definition of pedophilia? 

The American Psychological Association (APA) Dictionary of Psychology defines pedophilia as “a paraphilia in which sexual acts or fantasies involving prepubertal children are the persistently preferred or exclusive method of achieving sexual excitement. The children are usually many years younger than the pedophile (or pedophiliac). Sexual activity may consist of looking and touching but may include intercourse, even with very young children.”

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-5) lists “Pedophilic Disorder” as a mental disorder (page 697). It also states that “individuals who have never approached a child sexually but who qualify for the diagnosis of pedophilic disorder on the basis of subjective distress.” 

A statement released in 2013, reported, “The American Psychological Association maintains that pedophilia is a mental disorder; that sex between adults and children is always wrong; and that acting on pedophilic impulses is and should be a criminal act.” 

“Virtuous Pedophiles” or is the name of an online organization. “Our website is intended to reduce the stigma attached to pedophilia by letting people know that a substantial number of pedophiles DO NOT molest children, and to provide peer support and information about available resources to help virtuous pedophiles remain law-abiding, and lead happy productive lives.” The website continues, “But as long as pedophiles are celibate, they should not have to think of themselves as having a disorder. They did not choose pedophilia and they cannot make it go away. We encourage celibate pedophiles to let go of feelings of shame and distress. If they can, they no longer have a disorder according to DSM-5.” 

The current level of depravity that we are witnessing in the sexual war on our children is incomprehensible, overwhelming, and staggering. Tolerating, accepting, and promoting pedophilia is depravity. And the God of the Bible labels depravity as sin. 

Protecting children from becoming victims of predatory pedophiles must always be the first line of action. Arrest, prosecution, and prison for pedophiles must always be the second line of action. Treatment and mental health counseling must always be the third line of action. 

And a pedophile that has not committed a sexual crime against a child needs access to mental health therapy and a support group. However, buying and watching child pornography is a crime. 

“It is never easy for me to revisit the traumatic events from my life, whether I am writing them down or standing on a stage speaking to three thousand people. However, I do it because, unlike my innocence, the one thing I have been able to reclaim is my voice. I speak for every abused child out there. It is therapeutic and empowering.” ―Erin Merryn, “An Unimaginable Act: Overcoming and Preventing Child Abuse Through Erin’s Law” 

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