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Op-Ed: Can America Be Saved from the Radical Far-Left? Jewish Author David Rubin Says Yes

Jewish Author David Rubin speaking at an event in Austin, Texas. September 2019. Photo credit: Gage Skidmore.
Jewish Author David Rubin speaking at an event in Austin, Texas. September 2019. Photo credit: Gage Skidmore.

PORTSMOUTH, OH – “In Confronting Radicals: What America Can Learn from Israel,” (2021 book) author David Rubin asserts “There is, indeed, a radical plan to change the USA from a nation of traditional values – God, family, and hard work – to a neo-Marxist, gender and ethnically confused reality that sees the land of the free as an evil force in the world. What lessons can America learn from Israel – from its successes and from its mistakes?” 

Rubin traces the ascendancy of the far-left, from the 60’s to the Biden administration, and offers lessons from Israel on how America can be saved. 

Is the radical left in Israel and the radical left in America similar and connected? Watch an interview with David Rubin at Pulse of Israel.

In reference to the far-left radicals in America, Israel and around the globe, Rubin states, “Their goal is to bring down the Judeo-Christian civilization…That’s what it’s all about.” 

Rubin asserts it’s a mistake for America to appease the rioters and violent protestors (far-left-winged radicals), because it doesn’t work. And it doesn’t bring peace. Seeing a stack of bricks (for throwing at police) on a street corner in a U.S. large city shocked Rubin. And reducing the budgets for police departments only increases crime. 

I highly recommend that you watch Rubin’s interview. He exposes the deceptive agenda of the Black Lives Matter movement and how a decades-old sect exploited both Black and White Americans to divide the country.   

Excerpts about Rubin’s Book:

New York City – the Big Apple – transformed to a ghost town, where peaceful citizens dare not tread. Macy’s – symbol of American free enterprise – shut down. Rioting, looting, murder, attacks on police, destruction of monuments to American heroes in numerous American cities, all in the guise of “protests” against racism. In a year of wild insurrection, there was a disturbing, eerie silence – even words of support for rioters from leading Democrat politicians. 

Why justify or ignore blatant expressions of violence and hatred? Is there a broader political agenda? Could it be that thought police, big tech monopolies, and revisionist historians have had a role to play in all of this? 

The world was shocked by what seemed to be an outbreak of polarization in America, or even an attempted Marxist revolution, but Israelis were stunned by some striking parallels. As a nation of former slaves and exiles, Israel and the Jews have seen disproportionate persecution, hardship, and death, but have always emerged, from darkness to light. Furthermore, the modern State of Israel had struggled for decades with its own brand of socialism, and it continues to confront terrorist threats and propaganda warfare from radical Palestinians, along with sophisticated collusion by their supporters on the radical Left. 

Folks, in America socialism has been renamed democratic socialism, but it’s still the same beast. And the far-left-winged radicals are disguising the savage beast akin to a gentle lamb. Socialism leads to communism which leads to Marxism. Read your history books.

Wise up. Stand up. Speak up. 

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