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Op-Ed: Death of Cash Currency and Birth of the Digital Dollar – Via Sneaky Joe Biden and the Fickle Federal Reserve

U.S. Central Bank Digital Currency
President Joe Biden signed an executive order in March 2022 directing the Federal Reserve to explore whether the central bank should create its own digital currency and directed the Treasury Department and other federal agencies to study the impact; a former advisor to the Pentagon and CIA is sounding the alarm. File photo: Proxima Studio, Shutter Stock, licensed.

PORTSMOUTH, OH – Team Biden is putting the kibosh on our economic freedom. We are going to be forced to say good-bye to cash: no more paper dollars and coins. Our green paper dollar will be replaced with a digital dollar. Farewell to quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. Hasta la vista to banking privacy. Hello to financial surveillance.  

“Unlike the current dollar, though, a central bank digital currency would not exist in physical form, meaning you wouldn’t be able to go to a bank or ATM and withdraw it,” according Justin Haskins in a 2022 commentary for The Hill.

Additionally, Jim Rickards, a world-renowned economist and former advisor to the Pentagon and CIA, is sounding the alarm on Team Biden and the death of the dollar. ”I call the digital dollar “Biden Bucks” because I want him to take full credit for what I consider to be crimes.” Watch his video: US Dollar Replaced with Trackable “Spyware” Version.

Rickards predictions: 

  1. The U.S. paper dollar will be made obsolete.
  2. Soon your cash will be confiscated or become worthless paper.
  3. The cash currency we have now will be replaced with a new programable digital token. 
  4. The new currency will allow total control of all American citizens. 
  5. Every digital dollar will be programed by the government. 
  6. Government will be able to track and control every purchase you make. 
  7. This has nothing to do with online banking and nothing to do with crypto currency. 
  8. AOC has pledged her support for what she calls “Spyware Currency” that will control social media content that the government doesn’t like. 
  9. It is starting now and should be in use by 2023-24. 

By the way, the false factcheckers are calling any information that disagrees with Biden’s Order to be misinformation.  

CLAIM: President Joe Biden signed an executive order in March 2022 that will introduce a cashless society, make paper money worthless, give the government new power to inhibit purchases and create a social credit score system like the one in China, which would punish people financially for certain behaviors. 

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. The executive order doesn’t do any of these things. It urged the Federal Reserve to explore whether the central bank should create its own digital currency and directed the Treasury Department and other federal agencies to study the impact of cryptocurrency on financial stability and national security. 

Here’s Biden’s devious plan in a nutshell: Sneaky Joe has instructed the federal government and Federal Reserve to lay the groundwork for a potential new U.S. currency, a digital dollar. Furthermore, the New World Order (aka, Great Reset, World Economic Forum, The Deep State) is pushing for a one-world currency to gain total control of economies.  

Read Biden’s Order for yourself: 

On March 9, 2022, President Biden (Let’s call him – Sneaky Joe) quietly signed Executive Order 14067.

President Biden to Sign Executive Order on Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets. Outlines First Whole-of-Government Strategy to Protect Consumers, Financial Stability, National Security, and Address Climate Risks. 


The rise in digital assets creates an opportunity to reinforce American leadership in the global financial system and at the technological frontier, but also has substantial implications for consumer protection, financial stability, national security, and climate risk. The United States must maintain technological leadership in this rapidly growing space, supporting innovation while mitigating the risks for consumers, businesses, the broader financial system, and the climate. And, it must play a leading role in international engagement and global governance of digital assets consistent with democratic values and U.S. global competitiveness.

That is why today, President Biden will sign an Executive Order outlining the first ever, whole-of-government approach to addressing the risks and harnessing the potential benefits of digital assets and their underlying technology. The Order lays out a national policy for digital assets across six key priorities: consumer and investor protection; financial stability; illicit finance; U.S. leadership in the global financial system and economic competitiveness; financial inclusion; and responsible innovation. 

Explore a U.S. Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) by placing urgency on research and development of a potential United States CBDC, should issuance be deemed in the national interest. The Order directs the U.S. Government to assess the technological infrastructure and capacity needs for a potential U.S. CBDC in a manner that protects Americans’ interests. The Order also encourages the Federal Reserve to continue its research, development, and assessment efforts for a U.S. CBDC, including development of a plan for broader U.S. Government action in support of their work.  

Haskins continues, “It is important to understand that the digital dollar would not be similar to cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies operate on blockchain technology, which is decentralized by design. No group or individual can truly control cryptocurrencies once they are launched. Digital dollars, on the other hand, would be traceable and programmable. The Federal Reserve (or some other designated entity) would have the ability to create more digital dollars whenever it sees fit, and, depending on how the legislation is written setting up the currency, the dollars could be formulated to have various rules and restrictions built into their design.”  

By the way, Justin Haskins is co-author of the New York Times bestselling book “The Great Reset: Joe Biden and the Rise of Twenty-First Century Fascism.” 

Will we be attending a funeral for financial freedom? Is the death of the dollar as we know it, a done deal? Now is the time to wise up, stand up, and speak up.  

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