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Op-Ed: When We Lose Our Personal Integrity, Our Nation Suffers

During the age of face-to-face interaction, people were judged by keeping their word. One’s word was incredibly important then. File photo: Fizkes, Shutter Stock, licensed.

SPRING HILL, FL – Before social media, during the age of face-to-face interaction, people were judged by keeping their word. If they said they were going to do something, the majority did it. When they stated they would meet you at a certain place and time you could count on it. One’s word was incredibly important then.

In this modern era where much of our work and social life transpires on the internet, people say many things that are exaggerated or untrue. Much of the chitchat is to impress others. Internet contacts appear and disappear constantly in this artificial social media world. The truth is not discernable.

A businessman says he will come to give you an estimate but never shows up or bothers to call back. Another interaction could be a contractor who gives you a price for a job but when they arrive to do the job the price is often higher than what was agreed upon. Even when a contract is signed for an agreed upon price and the contractor does the project but may add an extra 20% increase due to cost of materials or gas surcharge without informing the purchaser.

Advertisers for the pharmaceutical industry have developed a formula to captivate the individual’s attention with devious psychological messaging. Advertisers emphasize the positives of their product and hide the negative side effects that are said so fast no one can understand them. The customer only gets the best half of the story.

Even when a person is with family or friends, too often they will take out their cell phone and speak with someone else. It is easier to create one’s ideal world online than deal with real friends and family who know you. Being someone you want to be is much harder with people who know you than it is with people who only know you superficially online.

The uncertainty of an employee’s word is becoming an increasing concern. Employees say they are committed to the job but often show up late, resign by emailer take off due to a “hangnail.” Their word does not match their original stated commitment.  This is disconcerting as we no longer can depend on the what the person says. Employers are often guilty of not keeping their word either.

As a nation we are losing one of our most important values: a person’s word. Once a culture cannot depend on the individual’s sacred word, lying becomes normalized. When people lose their integrity no one can feel comfortable about what is going to happen. When we are unable to depend on a person’s word, things become unpredictable and even chaotic in one’s life.

It is hard to determine whether the breakdown in honesty originated in the corporate world, or between the wealthy and the politicians who are on the take. This corruption of honesty has become so prevalent it has been adopted on many governmental levels. Even our government schools have funded public relations departments to handle any possible scandal that might reach the media.

Our media is no longer searching for or printing the truth but are advocates for national and international authoritarian leaders who are fighting for a one world socialist-communist government. Our media is writing propaganda to support this movement and distorting the facts to create false narratives to portray the United States as evil and collectivism as inevitable. Any factual material that is difficult to deny is labeled as misinformation and is cancelled.

Even the Biden administration wanted to create the misinformation board in order to censor freedom of speech. Our media has become an arm of the democrat party by lying to citizens to convert them into accepting a one-world-government. Our free press has become an indoctrinating arm of the establishment. The “fact checkers” only allow the party line to be told as in the current case with the IRS expansion and inflation.

The integrity of a person’s word is the backbone of social, business, and national stability. America’s greatness has been based on the history of our people keeping their word. We are no longer doing this nationally. In foreign affairs, and finance, our false commitment to freedom creates uncertainty then devastation in the faith of our future. Our integrity as a society has decreased making it more expensive to borrow capital to complete projects in a timely manner. We have lost our respect as a top-rated country. We as a nation have become another suspect society.

Our forefathers worked too hard to maintain their word in order to create the freest nation in the world. We as a nation should not let it vanish as our word is our bond: without it we are becoming just another “tinhorn” nation.

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