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Op-Ed: Knocking on the Door of American Capitalism

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Pick a political side and you will find the glaring warts of either party. Unfortunately for the democrats, their blemishes are exceedingly more obvious, along with the macabre and nefarious intentions of the progressive leftists whose sole goal is to dismantle Patriotic Capitalism. File photo: Bilanol, Shutter Stock, licensed.

MANATEE COUNTY, FL – America is dangerously close to replicating Third world countries with Communistic behavior. Before I do a deep dive on the epic failures of Socialism, Fascism, Marxism and Communism, let’s first explore “The Great American Experiment.”

“Benjamin Franklin said when asked what kind of government was being drafted: ‘… A REPUBLIC, IF YOU CAN KEEP IT.’ The extensive Constitutional republic they envisioned, in reality, became a place of liberty and opportunity for countless millions of people from all over the world. Their ideas worked, because they were based on enduring principles that recognized human imperfection and the need to structure a limited government of laws, dependent upon the consent of a people who, themselves, understood the principles. The Distinctiveness of the American Experiment as Laid Down by the Founding Fathers:

  • Acknowledged that individual rights are derived from a Creator.
  • Was based on enduring principles compatible with “the laws of nature and of nature’s God.”
  • Recognized human imperfection and a tendency to abuse power is ever present in the human heart.
  • Restrained those in power through a written Constitution which carefully divided, balanced, and separated the powers of government and then intricately knitted them back together again through a system of checks and balances.
  • Left all powers with the people, except those which, by their consent, the people delegated to government ¬and then made provision for their withdrawing that power, if it was abused.”

W. David Stedman & La Vaughn G. Lewis

For 246 years, America has been the “brass ring country” for immigrants of every other nation. The ideal structure that allows any individual the ability to exceed their greatest aspirations is unprecedented. Time and time again, a person arriving in America penniless, has the opportunity to “recreate” their fortunes via hard work, ingenuity and drive.

Unfortunately, since the turn of the Twenty-First Century, America has witnessed a decline in patriotism, with leaders lusting for power and control, while pretending to seek a level playing field for everyone financially. This spoon-fed entrée of socialism was seeded during the Obama administration, where less financially directed people began being rewarded with the money from the motivated. Why doesn’t this work? Ultimately, the galvanized become stripped of their financial reward for hard work and tenacity, thus enriching those that have little to no aspirations. Eventually, the focused lose their desire to break their backs for unworthy others; and, what occurs is an economic flatline.

What does that death null equal? Socialism, Fascism, Communism and Marxism. And, frankly, were any of those government systems successful, America would not see the clambering at our boarders to cross the finish line into freedom. With regard to speech, religion, sexuality, nationality and financial capabilities. These forms of government “isms” are horribly oppressive, and without fail lead to massive poverty of those county’s population.

Below are definitions for my readers perusal—Please don’t rely upon just my words:

Each of these forms of government exist, at their core, as a social and economic doctrine, for a public rather than private ownership or control of property and natural resources. Sprinkle on a dash of fascism; and, systemically the Constitutional Republic, on which America was founded, is completely dismantled, thus leaving hundreds of thousands of martyred bodies, who fought against such tyranny, in its wake.

America is NOT a sole democracy. Approximately, 97 out of 167 countries operate under some form of “democracy,” which is a system of government typically run through elected representatives. However, when examining a conceptual democracy against the above referenced Constitutional Republic, the Framers of the Constitution put in place a series of checks and balances which limited the grasp of Federal government (think of a monarchy), and placed a balance through the three branches of government: Legislative, Executive and Judicial. They further incorporated Amendments, such as the 10th, that took the Federal grasp out of play; and, planted the power into the hands of the individual states. Thus, adequately securing a balance of elected power for American Citizens.

When looking at the first walking, talking meme, aka the Biden Administration, one can “almost” feel the hilarity of their ineptitude. Almost. For even the densest leftist is suffering under this President. Gone are the days when Americans were once again first. Economic stability, historic lowest unemployment records, energy efficiency and surplus, peace with foreign nations who hadn’t uttered a word to America in over 50 years, a strengthened boarder, resurgence of American military, American pride; and, a tireless President who worked long days at zero pay.

Is Trump flowery? Hell no! Who cares when Americans are winning? From this writers purview, the means equaled the extremes; and, every American was prospering like I’d never before seen in my lifetime. And, for those who simply couldn’t stomach the “mean, Orange Man,” how’re you fairing under Mr. 46? It’s horrible to be Middle American at this point in time.

The August 8, 2022 raid on the 45th President of the United States by the FBI was an intrinsically fascist move by Democrats to, one more time, abuse Trump. This provoked attack should have every American Citizens’ hair standing on end—because if our government is so obtuse to how repugnant every three letter agency has become to Americans, they further lack the fortitude to see that without raising one cent toward his re-election, Trump, or some conservative equaling his ilk, will become Biden’s successor.

This egregious behavior is becoming commonplace, as in November of 2021, the FBI raided Project Veritas, confiscating cell phones. What was the incentive? Biden’s daughter’s diary explicitly stating that the two showered together. I’m confident that 90% of Americans would find fault in this level of intimacy between a father and daughter, no matter your political leanings.

Back to Trump’s raid. What is it that has these woke, Godless, baby murdering leftists crawling out from under their dark hiding places and shaking? Certainly not the disinformation spewing from leftist propaganda mills. Surely not the fear mongering, elderly killing, so called “physicians,” who peddled the clot shots effectiveness. Nor, their refusal stand up and say “COVID19 is a man made virus set upon the world to depopulate and mind control the masses.”

“Republicans and Democrats are nothing more than a pair of unfit parents in a custody battle over America. They’re not hurting each other near as much as they’re hurting this county.” Nicole Saphier, M.D.

Pick a political side and you will find the glaring warts of either party. Unfortunately for the democrats, their blemishes are exceedingly more obvious, along with the macabre and nefarious intentions of the progressive leftists whose sole goal is to dismantle Patriotic Capitalism. Initially, they had some movement with the younger, “woke,” Millennials and Generation Zers; but, with the help of the fumbling, mumbling President, and his Word Salad side kick, even the bluest haired liberal cannot afford to be this politically incompetent. It’s a government of ALL its citizens. Capitalism is being called for and an acerbic, Tweeting President is very badly missed.

It is very simple: American Citizens are sick and tired of our political parties manhandling our God given rights and freedoms. The bureaucratic overreach of too many elected officials has resulted in a dismissal of America at her core: A Constitutional Republic “Of the People, by the People, for the People.” These leeches actually believe they will control the pioneering spirit of an American. That they will corral our independence, lasso our freedoms, and dictate the manner in which we chose to live our lives.

American politicians neglected to understand their audience, thus failing to see that generations of free people would not succumb to autocratic demands. In fact, the attempt of unfettered requirements being dictated upon the nation showed exactly how tenacious the majority of Yankees are when someone tries to force upon us edicts. While some Americans followed the unconstitutional mandates like sheep to the slaughter, 80 million more refused to walk into that potential death chamber, and dug our heels in the dirt, screaming, “No!”

Every deaf elected official whose refused to listen to the raised, exasperated community of voices over their reckless spending of our taxpayer money will compensate our nation. Their hunger to place a boot on the neck of the political leanings of the right of center, Traditionalist Americans will be rewarded by being cherry picked out of their political positions, and be replaced by Patriotic Americans. By “free thinkers, truth seekers and justice keepers,” who will not bend as a reed in the wind.

America’s Paid Electives underestimated the ire of their constituents. They miscalculated the American resistance to mind control. They misjudged the tenacity of our core desire to live and die freely. They’re out of their minds if they believe Americans will allow any three letter agency to tear apart our homes, on some bogus warrant, in an attempt to find what dirt is under our fingernails via how we politically think. This is not a game, and even if it were, they are losing!

Folks, we are living in historical times, and we will never know during our lifetime the extent of the damage done to our country over the last 21 years. When “We, the People” see the critical invasions, which pervert and ravage our Constitutional Republic and her Citizens detailed, outlined, inalienable rights, take it personally. For it is extremely intimate to understand that “if” these violations can happen to a former President or honest journalist, these paid delegates are doing everything in their power to undermine and alter the elementary foundation that made America so tremendously desirable.

It’s time to reach down and find your fighting spirit, and burn down that nice looking faux Trojan wooden horse disguising communism. The day has arrived for a calculated accounting, which will reestablish the balance of political power back into our Union’s rightful owners—We, the People. It’s time for a reckoning—And, if standing up for our rights means burning bridges, we ride at dawn. Bring matches. Through the powers vested to each of us by birth, we can and will change this tide via our Amendments and the power of voting. We broke the cheaters algorithms once, we can do it again. Our founding fathers warned us that this day would arrive, and here we stand at the horizon of losing every American Citizen’s God Given Rights!

This writer will call it: “Welcome back America, meet your Constitution and take it upon yourselves to read and understand her equitable balance of power, which lay squarely in each of our individual hands. We are and will remain free.”

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