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Op-Ed: Huh? Cow’s Milk is Now Racist

Milk is Now Racist
Animal Rebellion activist Tim Speers told Express UK that cow’s milk is ‘racist’ because people of color are more lactose intolerant than their white counterparts. File photo: Romo Lomo, Shutter Stock, licensed.

PORTSMOUTH, OH – Just when you thought the climate crisis cultists and venomous vegans could not be any more ridiculous – they do something so unbelievably bizarre that it’s almost beyond the mind’s ability to comprehend. 

Go to the Express (online newspaper in UK) and read the story straight from the horse’s (I mean cow’s) mouth. I first read the story at Rebel News“Animal Rebellion activist Tim Speers told Express UK that cow’s milk is ‘racist’ because people of color are more lactose intolerant than their white counterparts.” 

Okay, my eyebrows are scrunching again and my brain wants to take a mini-vacation. Is this a joke? The group is known as “Animal Rebellion.” And it’s not a joke. 

Excerpts from their website: 

“On 27/07/22, at Harrods in Central London, individuals took nonviolent action and emptied milk onto the floor before being forcibly removed by security. Climate and animal action group Animal Rebellion has targeted dairy aisles in supermarkets, including the department store Harrods, across the UK. Up to 4 supermarkets were affected in cities that include London and Birmingham.” 

Isn’t destroying property an arrestable offense? Did the mob pay for the milk? I’m an advocate of peaceful protesting, but not destroying the property of others.  

Here’s more of their plans: 

“This September we will be disrupting the dairy supply across the UK with 500 people day after day, cutting off the supply of milk to supermarkets and causing unignorable high-level disruption which will be felt by tens of millions of people across the UK.” 

“By causing this disruption day after day we will transform public opinion and pressure the government to act. We must take this action because billions of animals are dying in the dairy industry and other animal farming and fishing industries. We must take this action because we are in a climate and nature emergency and what we do in the next 2-3 years will determine the future of humanity.”  

Someone needs to tell this radical environmental justice group that the animals are not doing the rebelling – it’s the wacky humans causing the ruckus. Cows are too calm and sensible to act like that. Stampeding on the rights of people who choose to drink milk is outlandish.  

And guess what vegan extremists? Calcium is found in food and dairy foods like these are among the best natural sources of calcium: milk, yogurt, and hard cheeses.

My brain started formulating questions: 

  1. Is someone (aka, the climate crisis cabal) paying a group of young people to destroy dairy farming? 
  2. Is this a rag-tag group of misfits trying to find purpose in life or are they just seeking attention? 
  3. Has this group been indoctrinated by the World Economic Forum and Bill Gates about the bogus climate crisis and the end of humanity and the planet? 

There’s even more ridiculousness from this misguided mob’s website: 

“We have two simple government level demands: First: Government supports farmers and fishing communities to move away from animal farming and fishing as part of an urgent and immediate transition to a plant-based food system. Second: Government commits to rewild the freed-up land and ocean as part of a broader programme of wildlife restoration and carbon drawdown.” 

“Animal Rebellion is an anti-speciest organization. We believe in a world where all individuals, of all species can flourish, free from exploitation and the worst threats of climate breakdown. We believe in a world where we work consciously to ensure no individual is seen as a commodity and where the diversity of gifts among all species are recognized and celebrated.”  

So, animals and humans are equal in value. Starve the humans and save the animals.  

Carnivorous animals in the wild kill and eat each other. Do they want to stop that?  

Do they want to protect mosquitos as well? Reports indicate that mosquitoes killed about 830,000 people worldwide in 2018. What do they propose to do with the bugs that eat the plants that grow the veggies and fruits for humans? Do they want to save the insects from the awful humans? 

I could not find any info on their website about milk and racism. So, was this a ruse to bring attention to their climate dogma? Probably.  

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