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Op-Ed: Hadassah Glorifies Leader of Israel Hating Groups

Amy Spitalnick
Amy Spitalnick, Executive Director of Integrity First for America. Image credit: Anti-Defamation League / YouTube.

BOCA RATON, FL – I’m very disturbed over what I see: Hadassah following the ADL, another giant “Jewish” organization, sliding away into the ranks of the George Soros dominated and controlled groups which were once the shining stars of Jewish charities focused on our survival. Now they are both close to being joined at the hip with the likes of J Street, Americans for Peace Now, Jewish Voice for Peace, T’ruah and Bend the Arc, known radical groups that I and many others perceive to be anti-Israel and harmful to all Jewry.

Hadassah’s latest issue of its national magazine gives, as it has in the past, much prominence to Amy Spitalnick, a far-left advocate for radical causes, none of which serves the Jewish community well. The organizations she has been a major part of, J Street, Integrity First for America, Human Rights First and now, Bend the Arc, are reputedly funded by George Soros and/or his many supportive foundations. She is his female mouthpiece to the Jewish community, and Hadassah gives her a major platform to spew her hatred? Surely, no friend to Jews or Israel. In her words:

“In November, I’ll join Bend the Arc as its new CEO. Bend the Arc is the leading Jewish organization in the multiracial progressive movement, and it has made the fight against white supremacy central to all it does. There, I’ll be working to mobilize American Jews and allies in the fight for justice, democracy, and a free and safe future for all. I’m also serving as a Senior Advisor on Extremism at Human Rights First. Through that partnership, we’ll continue to engage Integrity First for America’s remarkable community of supporters in the critical, multifaceted fight against extremism. Stay tuned for updates!”

Ms. Spitalnick is as radical-left as they come. She never speaks up against Islamic terror against America or Israel. She never denounces the likes of Louis Farrakhan, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib or Al Sharpton. She never comes to the aid of American Jews attacked on the streets of NYC. Her sole concern apparently, is to toss around such phrases of denunciation as, “White Supremacy” and “White Privilege,” evils she blames for the success of whites. Strangely, these descriptions fit my and your parents who came over here penny-less, illiterate in English and without any skills, yet they and many others of their ilk prospered. By being white? She claims so. Dangerous verbiage for all of us.

So why does Hadassah give such prominence to Amy Spitalnick on the pages of their magazines? Do they support her organizations and their messages of hate? The groups she has been a prominent part of, J Street included, are all major voices against Israel and are apologists for Palestinian terror. At your next Hadassah meeting stand up and ask the president of the group if she supports the messages of Amy Spitalnick, apparently a favorite of Hadassah’s leadership and its magazine. Educate your local Hadassah group and urge them to have their voices heard above the lies of Amy Spitalnick. And don’t forget to ask the leadership to research if Hadassah gets any donations from George Soros or any of his many groups. See what they say.

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