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ROGER STONE: Shocked When I Heard First Document Seized By FBI Was File Regarding My Clemency

Roger Stone speaking to Bill Maher on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher in 2017. Image credit: Real Time with Bill Maher / YouTube.
Roger Stone speaking to Bill Maher on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher in 2017. Image credit: Real Time with Bill Maher / YouTube.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – Here we go again… I was shocked when I heard that the FBI raided President Donald Trump’s home in Florida, Mar-a-Lago. I was even more shocked when I heard the first document seized by the FBI was the original file regarding the act of executive clemency President Trump extended me when he commuted my prison sentence and issued me an unconditional presidential pardon after it became clear that I had been framed in a politically motivated Soviet-style show trial.

Sadly, I understand why the FBI has seized this file despite the fact that everything President Donald Trump did in the extraordinary act of both mercy and justice that saved my life was both fully legal and completely justified.

Hillary Clinton, Congressman Adam Schiff, Congressman Jerry Nadler, Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, and Congressman Eric Swalwell and multiple CNN and MSNBC talking heads have all falsely insisted that my pardon was part of some “corrupt bargain” in which they allege I agreed to maintain my silence about unspecified (and nonexistent) misdeeds by President Trump in return for being spared what amounted to a death sentence.

Roger Stone clemency order among documents taken in Trump Mar-a-Lago raid: Report

This is a vile lie for which there is no evidence whatsoever. In fact, the direct opposite is true. Once Robert Mueller and his Democrat Hit squad framed me for “lying to Congress” about collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign (Russian collusion that we now know definitively did not happen) they put nearly unbearable pressure on me to bear false witness against the President so they could use my bogus testimony as an article of impeachment to remove the President.

Specifically, Mueller and his thugs wanted me to lie about the subject of some 26 cell phone calls they had records of between then candidate Donald Trump and me in 2016. They said they would urge the judge in my case to spare me from prison if I would testify falsely against President Trump. I refused.

The hysterical Trump-hating left-wing Democrats and their handmaidens in the fake news media are obsessed with the fact that through my faith in Jesus Christ and my commitment to the truth I escaped the clever deadly snare set for me by Robert Mueller and Congressman Adam Schiff.

It’s bad enough that my wife and I are already fending off 11 completely baseless, groundless but highly sensationalized civil lawsuits filed by left-wing activists and George Soros-funded front groups. The purpose of these lawsuits is to generate even more negative publicity, dragging my name through the mud yet again and forcing me to spend tens of thousands of dollars in additional legal fees. So far, 6 of 17 such lawsuits have been dismissed. Ultimately, all of them will be, but the financial strain this effort represents is crippling.

Mrs. Stone and I recently settled a civil lawsuit filed against us by the Biden Justice Department over our 2006 federal income taxes. We essentially were being sued simply based on our inability to pay. Media reports that say that we agreed to pay the IRS $2 million (which, of course, we do not have) fail to note that over 70% of that amount is accumulated interest and penalties over which the government refuses to negotiate, as they would with any other taxpayer. Our federal income taxes for every year from 2006 to 2021 are paid in full.

What the fake news media will also not tell you is that contrary to their claim that “Stone and his wife have refused to pay their taxes” — we actually made payments to the IRS every month on-time for 7 years until the Mueller inquisition essentially bankrupted us. Sadly, we will now make small negotiated payments to the IRS every month for the rest of our lives to settle this matter.

Now, I must anticipate yet another investigation and witch-hunt. The effort to bankrupt me, further defame me, and destroy me and my family just never seems to end. These demons won’t be satisfied until they destroy me. By the grace of God, that will never happen.

Even now, there is not a month in which the total of my payments to lawyers, modest living expenses, and my wife’s uninsured medical expenses in connection with her successful battle against stage four cancer, do not exceed the amount of income that I am able to generate every month working as hard as I can.

This entire nightmare seems to have no end. People who are capable of staging an FBI raid on the home of a former President are capable of anything. I, however, am bolstered by my complete faith in Jesus Christ and what the Bible tells us in Deuteronomy 31:6 “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

The same people who have sought to frame President Donald Trump and me regarding January 6th are desperate to find some legal way to disqualify President Trump from running again in 2024, at the same time, they seek yet again to sideline me from helping him in that effort. They will never succeed because we will never stop fighting.

Editor’s Note: Donations for Roger and his wife can be made at For those who may be uncomfortable putting financial information on the web, checks can be made payable to the “Stone Defense Fund” and mailed to 1007 North Federal Highway, #405, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304.

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