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Op-Ed: Kudos to Elizabeth Stauffer at The Washington Examiner

Washington Examiner
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PORTSMOUTH, OH – You go Elizabeth Stauffer! I am applauding her recent commentary in The Washington Examiner about the Biden Administration sending our country into a downward spiral. Woo-hoo. My hands are clapping for this plucky reporter.  

I agree – Team Biden is throwing Americans down a deep rabbit hole. Biden’s censorship cabal is flushing freedom of speech down the commode bowl. The White House has become a den of thieves – trying to steal our civil liberties. And Joe’s smug thugs are out of control and rampaging against justice. 

The following are excerpts from Stauffer’s opinion piece: 

On all fronts, both domestic and foreign, Democrats are pushing this country into a downward spiral. The cumulative effect of 19 months of deliberately destructive, anti-American decisions has brought us to a perilous moment in history. If this continues, we won’t need to worry about Russia or China taking us down — we’ll have done that ourselves. 

It’s not only the ‘elected’ Democratic politicians we see and hear from every day who are responsible. The rot runs far deeper. Over the past decade, virtually every U.S. agency has become hopelessly corrupted. Once highly respected institutions such as the DOJ, the FBI, the CIA, and the State Department have been infested with liberal bureaucrats who work behind the scenes to advance and support a leftist agenda. Even the military under the leadership of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has lost its apolitical status. 

Whatever you care to call this network of unelected career bureaucrats — the permanent government, the deep state, the administrative state — they’ve come to wield tremendous power, and we are now seeing the effects of their handiwork. The next Republican to occupy the White House must conduct a thorough purge of this army of worker drones who work with Democrats to undermine our freedoms systematically. 

The time is now for freedom-loving citizens to speak out against our oppressors in high places. The time is now for unity among alternative media platforms on behalf of the U.S. Constitution. The time is now to keep the message of tyranny in our nation before the people.  

Please encourage everyone is your circle to vote in the November elections. Make your voice heard.  

“Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech.” –Benjamin Franklin 

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