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Op-Ed: Keep Fighting Courageous Californians – George Gascon Has Got to Go

George Gascon
Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón survived a second recall effort this week. Recall DA George Gascon, the group behind the recall effort, called the decision “surprising and disappointing.” Image credit: FOX 11 Los Angeles / YouTube.

PORTSMOUTH, OH – The George Soros-backed district attorney in Los Angeles County has not been booted to the curb (yet). The recall effort has not worked (yet). George Gascon has not left the building (yet). 

Recall DA George Gascon, the group behind the recall effort, called the decision “surprising and disappointing,” while vowing to “exercise its full statutory and legal authority to review the rejected signatures and verification process,” according to an article in The World Tribune.  

“Somehow George Gascon will continue in his role of releasing VIOLENT CRIMINALS onto our streets and making Californians UNSAFE,” Senate candidate James Bradley tweeted.

“George Gascón, the Soros-backed former District Attorney of San Francisco, is now the District Attorney for Los Angeles County. He has, in mere weeks, put into place radical pro-criminal and anti-prosecution policies and is, in a twisted way, the gold standard for rogue prosecutors. The impact of his reckless and dangerous policies is just starting to be felt—and will come into full bloom in the months and years ahead,” according to The Heritage Foundation.

In a recent opinion piece, The Washington Examiner posited, “Gascon has been reduced to telling people simply to live with crime and that everything he does is correct and justified. He can’t admit his mistakes because they would destroy his naïve worldview and because they would fuel the recall election he will face in the near future. But everyone could have seen this coming except for him. Whether he was intentionally blinded or he really is that naïve, that makes him unfit for this job and any other job in public service.” 

How did George Gascon become an elected official? 

The Soros-funded California Justice and Safety PAC pumped $4.7 million into Gascon’s campaign in 2020. Follow the money trail. Follow the power trail. Follow the megalomaniac trail. Birds of a narcissist feather stick together.  

Who is George Soros?  

The Washington Examiner has dedicated a special page for info about Soros. “Crime victims are pushing back against a cadre of prosecutors ushered into office with help from billionaire activist George Soros, as criminals are believed to have free rein to terrorize major cities.” 

“Why Do So Many People Hate George Soros?,” an article in HAARETZ reports, “Large swaths of Europe and America view him as evil incarnate, sure that he’s putting entire countries at risk. They hold him responsible for the financial collapse of a long list of countries including Thailand, Malasia, Indonesia, Japan and Russia.”  

It’s encouraging to see how a group of concerned California citizens put action to their convictions in order to oust an elected official that is soft on crime and puts residents in danger. I am so proud of these plucky people for peaceful protesting. Keep rallying for justice!  

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