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Op-Ed: There Is Just One Way To Correct Our Course

Peter Lemiska
For some, party loyalty overrides everything – even common sense. Image credit: Peter Lemiska

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Political polling data can often be confusing and misleading. A recent Monmouth University poll indicates that the vast majority of Americans – 88 percent, in fact – believe the country is on the wrong track. Other polls support those results with similar numbers. 

They suggest that Americans are fed up with Joe Biden’s radical agenda and that the red wave in November, predicted by many, would bring the country back on course.

Yet incredibly – paradoxically – the same Monmouth University poll shows that by a narrow margin, most people prefer to see Democrats in control of Congress. It shows that 38 percent of respondents prefer a Democrat controlled Congress, and only 36 percent want Republicans to take control.

Even in this environment of deep political division, the contradiction makes no sense. If nearly all Americans agree that the country is on the wrong track, why would any of them support a Democrat majority in Congress, and a continuation of Biden’s calamitous agenda?

Even if Democrat lawmakers now seem ready to dump Biden, they have blindly supported his radical agenda for the past year and a half, and there’s no doubt they’ll continue to do so if they retain control of Congress.

But how can we explain the contradictory numbers? If nearly all Americans believe this radical agenda is taking us in the wrong direction, why would they not vote for change? 

There are several possible explanations.

Perhaps the polling data is flawed, or maybe we’re misinterpreting it. It’s possible that some of those who believe we’re headed in the wrong direction actually think Biden hasn’t lurched far enough to the left. They know that a Democrat majority in Congress would help push his radical agenda even further to the left.    

Blind party loyalty probably also has something to do with the polling contradiction. For some, party loyalty overrides everything – even common sense. They may be unhappy with the direction we’ve taken, but they believe the Democrat Party is still the answer to our problems. They’re somehow unable to understand the concept of cause-and-effect, and refuse to accept the fact that the problems we face today are directly attributed to the policies of the Biden administration.

Others may be conflicted or confused in the wake of the recent Supreme Court decision on Roe vs. Wade. Nonstop propaganda by pro-abortion advocates has undoubtedly convinced them that Republicans are bent on suppressing women’s rights and outlawing all abortions. In fact, the SCOTUS decision simply recognized that abortion is not mentioned in the Constitution, and returned the issue to the states, where the people set the laws on abortion at the ballot box.

Whatever their reasons for wanting Democrats to control Congress, most reasonable people agree that this administration is taking us in the wrong direction.

The energy policies and frivolous spending of this administration has given us the highest inflation rate in 40 years. The Democrat soft-on-crime position has resulted in an unprecedented surge in crime across the country. The Biden agenda has allowed millions of unscreened foreign citizens and tons of dangerous drugs to illegally cross into our country. It’s facilitating the indoctrination of our children – teaching them the finer points of gender fluidity and racist ideology, while their math and reading scores continue to plummet. And the flagrant political bias of its Justice Department has resulted in widespread distrust of our entire federal government.   

Throughout all of this, Congressional Democrats have stood solidly behind the radical, un-American, and often bizarre decisions of one man, a man who shows clear signs of mental impairment. They may be planning to usher him out the door in the coming months, but their unanimous and unflinching support of Biden and his radical agenda over the past year and a half has gotten us where we are today.

As in all free societies, regular elections offer voters the opportunity to change the direction of their country. John F. Kennedy knew that the people control the direction and the destiny of their country. He wrote: “We, the people are the boss and we will get the kind of political leadership, be it good or bad, that we demand and deserve.”

Other historic figures before him offered variations of the same advice – or warning: In a democracy, the voters get the government they deserve. If we don’t change direction soon, we will get a government that no longer resembles a democracy, and we will be deserving of it.

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