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Op-Ed: Bon Voyage to Legacy News Media – It Wasn’t Nice Knowin’ Ya

Good riddance legacy news media – parting is sweet, but not sorrowful. File photo: IHX, Shutter Stock, licensed.

PORTSMOUTH, OH  Legacy media (aka, mainstream media, liberal media, lamestream media) is slowly being exposed as the puppet propaganda machine they are for spewing fake news while censoring conservative news and views.  The following is what Urban Dictionary says about legacy media

(The Urban Dictionary does not rival Webster as it is penned by people, but it’s worth the read.) 


n. Primarily mature newspaper and television news outlets that believe they are the final word on any topic. These news organizations fail to acknowledge newly formed news sources and don’t seem to understand that when they leave out information or emphasize the aspects of a story that aren’t really helpful or pertinent, that they will be found out by those who understand the situation and have access to multiple news sources. 

The legacy media are part of the established, elite “Old Guard” of publishing and broadcasting in media. Legacy media groups are corporate owned. A handful of corporations own the bulk of the legacy media, or mainstream media, that is consumed daily by the public. 

Typically, these legacy news sources can be identified as the major broadcast television networks and major national newspapers that have been in existence long before there was cable television. 

“Legacy media” is politi-speak that political conservatives use to identify long-standing (“mature”) media outlets (such as the TV news networks – ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, etc., and the major print news services – New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times., etc.) Typically, these ostensibly “left-wing” news outlets are critical of conservative political agendas. 

In an opinion piece for Fox News, Greg Gutfeld opined: “The death of legacy media is upon us… Unlike me and my staff, the legacy media writes, creates, and produces, not for you, but for their industry to feed their own egos and bank balances.”  

Fox News host Tucker Carlson says it’s incumbent upon the American people to realize the danger posed by “the big legacy media,” according to an article in The Washington Times

Governor Ron DeSantis (Florida) gave an interview to Rebel News about the legacy media corruption and lies regarding his administration. “I think more and more people have just totally tuned out legacy press outlets,” the Republican governor said. “I think that they realize that they have an agenda. And I think that they realize that they are about trying to craft partisan narratives rather than trying to report facts.” 

According to Forbes, Republicans are abandoning national mainstream media in droves.

“When Gab first launched in August of 2016 we were immediately smeared by the legacy media. For the next four years, and even to this day, these corrupt and dishonest activists have pushed false and misleading information about the Gab community and about me personally,” stated Andrew Torba, Founder and CEO of Gab. “I started Gab News as a way to counter the false narratives being published by the legacy press about us. Now it is read by millions of people every month.”

Good riddance legacy news media – parting is sweet, but not sorrowful.

Don’t go away mad — just go away. 

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