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Op-Ed: Censorship Cousins; The New York Slime and The Washington Compost

Both mainstream media giants desperately desire the coveted crown of partisan politicking via the printed/digital word. Which newspaper will win the dishonor?   File photo: Maxx-Studio, Shutter Stock, licensed.

PORTSMOUTH, OH  Woo-hoo! The New York Times and The Washington Post are neck and neck for the Nefarious Newspaper Censorship Award. Both mainstream media giants desperately desire the coveted crown of partisan politicking via the printed/digital word. Which newspaper will win the dishonor?  

I googled the following phrases among others for this satirist op-ed column:  

  1. Why do people dislike the NYT? 
  2. The NYT is partisan.  
  3. The NYT helps destroy democracy.  
  4. The NYT and censorship 
  5. Why do people despise the Washington Post? 
  6. The Washington Post is crap. 
  7. Censorship and The Washington Post.  
  8. The Washington Post works to destroy freedom of speech.  

Wow! NYT has a list of controversies that travels around the globe and back – too many to even write about. Take the day off and read Wikipedia. 

“The New York Times wants a system of censorship for the Internet to block what it calls “fake news,” but the Times ignores its own record of publishing “fake news,” reports Robert Parry.” 

“There’s a reason why the Washington Post is not-so-affectionately tagged the “Washington Compost” by its fast-growing pool of distrustful detractors,” declares Matt Barber in a 2016 opinion piece at Townhall.

According to a 2020 article in The New York Post, “The Washington Post on Friday agreed to settle a monster $250 million lawsuit filed by Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann over its botched coverage of his 2019 encounter with a Native American elder.” 

Madeline Osburn, journalist for The Federalist gives her view on The Washington Post: “Considering the current state of our media class, cataloging a single newspaper’s patterns of journalistic malpractice is a seemingly pointless task. And yet, when a publication claims to be the purveyor of preventing our democracy from dying in darkness, the importance of cataloging its very dark week becomes imperative — you know, for democracy’s sake.”  

A 2017 article in Breitbart proclaims: “Roy Moore Campaign: ‘The Washington Post Is a Worthless Piece of Crap.’”

A 2017 story in at by John Nolte declared11 HUMONGOUS Lies Told By The Washington Post’s Phony Fact-Checker.” 

Drumroll please. 

First place for the Censorship Award goes to The New York Times! The prize package consists of the following: 

  1. An environmentally yummy dinner with Joe Biden, Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton in the White House basement. Featured on the menu is mealworm soup, baked bedbug casserole, and cockroach milk. Arrive early for cocktails with Xi Jinping. 
  2. An autographed photo of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, George Soros, Klaus Schwab, and Prince Charles.  
  3. A clandestine meeting with U.S. Attorney General Garland, FBI, and DOJ about the bogus raid/home invasion of a former U.S. President. They will write all future stories for your newspaper on this subject matter.  
  4. A free pizza party with members of the World Economic Forum (aka, New World Order, Great Reset). Bill Gates will bore you with his PowerPoint presentation on depopulation, fake meat, the climate crisis hoax, and his former business relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. Leadership of the Federal Reserve will be there to answer all questions about the new digital dollar and how to fool citizens. 

Congratulations to the New York Times for upholding censorship and being the czar of falsehoods and fibs for the American public. Well done! 

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