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Op-Ed: Will the Future Find the U.S. Charged with “Ecocide” Because of the Global Warming Ruse?

 A law professor from Queen Mary University in London has called a proposal to make “ecocide” the fifth international crime the “most credible and advanced” effort to date to expand the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court in The Hague. File photo: Wirestock Creators, Shutter Stock, licensed.

PORTSMOUTH, OH  There’s a new word buzzing around for committing environmental crimes against nature and along with it comes potential punishment. The word is “ecocide.” 

“Pollution warms the planet, melting polar ice, bringing drought and wildfire to the land, intensifying hurricanes and raising sea levels. Scientists say there is worse to come,” according to a 2022 article on the website of Inside Climate News.

Stop Ecocide International (SEI), created in 2019, is the driving force behind the growing global movement to make ecocide an international crime. They are in favor of adding a fifth crime (ecocide) to International Criminal Court located in Hague. “Unlike suing and fining corporations (who simply budget for this possibility), making ecocide a crime creates an arrestable offence. It makes those individuals who are responsible for acts or decisions that lead to severe environmental harm liable to criminal prosecution.” The website asks you to become an Earth Prosecutor.

Inside Climate News has several articles about “ecocide” on its website


A definition put forth describes ecocide as “wanton acts” that cause “severe” and “widespread or long-term damage” to the environment.  

A law professor from Queen Mary University in London has called a proposal to make “ecocide” the fifth international crime the “most credible and advanced” effort to date to expand the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court in The Hague.  

The highest polluting nations, according one article, are the United States, China, Russia and India, but none are members of the International Criminal Court. Recently, 23 countries have discussed the prospect of an ecocide crime. 

Supporters of adding ecocide as a crime includes United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres and Pope Francis – proponents of the World Economic Forum (aka, New World Order, Liberal World Order, Great Reset, Global Reset). Once again, connect the dots.  

Will Team Biden and his shady climate crusaders (i.e., John Kerry and Al Gore) join this international court system to use as leverage in the great global warming hoax to force climate lockdowns on Americans; force citizens to eat bugs instead of beef; and force a carbon tax on families? 

Of course, we humans need to be responsible caretakers of our earthly environment; hold greedy corporations accountable for oil spills, land destruction, and pollution; make and enforce legislation and laws for clean water and air, and protection of nature.   

However, where is the balance when the climate czars use the faux extinction of the planet and the people from carbon emissions as propaganda to steal land from farmers, terminate fossil fuels, control airplane flights, mandate electric vehicles, and take away our freedoms?  

A 2020 article in the Washington Examiner pointed out human error instead of blaming fires on global warming.  


“Alarmists have been quick to blame climate change for the recent, horrific fires in Australia and California. Although human actions do bear a large share of the blame for the scale of this ongoing tragedy, the cause is primarily bad management policies, not dreaded climate change. Governmental decisions, made under pressure from environmental groups, have made what would normally be big fires into hellish conflagrations.” 

“All of this goes to show that human (mis)management practices dwarf any effects of climate change on wildfires…It’s very convenient for alarmist greens to blame the fires of Australia and California on global warming. In reality, the policies they themselves advocate are the culprits.” 

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“The climate agenda is about the takeover of our economy using an unscientific climate scare to achieve their ends. The climate scare is a backdoor way for progressives to impose central planning, socialism, progressivism on the once-free West.” –Marc Morano  

The Bible says that Jesus will reign on earth for a thousand years (the Millennian Reign) before he establishes a new earth. Therefore, humankind will not destroy this planet with global warming and carbon emissions. Ecocide is a null and void concept.  

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