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Op-Ed: Beef Bullies Coming Out Of The Woodwork Waging A War On Humans For Eating Meat; Follow The Meat Trail To The Money Trail

Rather than being part of a living, breathing, eating and drinking animal, cultivated meat is grown in anything from a test tube to a stainless steel bioreactor.
Rather than being part of a living, breathing, eating and drinking animal, cultivated meat is grown in anything from a test tube to a stainless steel bioreactor. File photo: Firn, Shutter Stock, licensed.

PORTSMOUTH, OH –  Bon petite on bugs and ban beef. Huh. What’s up with the beef-bashing frenzy on social media and mainstream news machine mania for cockroach milk? And the zeal for crunching crickets. 

Billionaire Bill Gates is waging a war on livestock. That’s what’s up. Why is red meat being demonized as harmful to humans and the earth? Gates is pushing the “artificial meat” agenda along with eating plants and bugs which is part of his fear-mongering tactics because he owns a fake food manufacturing business. 

Follow the meat trail to the money trail. Gates throws lots of money at lots of corporations and companies. Who made Gates the big bopper of the food supply? He did – or rather his money did. Gates is the self-made mogul maniac of counterfeit meat. What an honor! Will fast-food industries refuse to serve bean burgers and will customers refuse to buy mock meat on a bun? Will parents buy GMO Happy Meals? Kids will not ask for a Sad Meal with phony chicken nuggets. And who wants to eat a fake steak? Gates may have to buy up all the diners and dives as well to stop the menu of authentic meat items.  

“Bill Gates wants you to think eating synthetic beef is a required climate change strategy, but he, along with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Google and others have a big financial interest in getting you to switch to a diet of 100% synthetic beef,” says Dr. Joseph Mercola. Gates owns 242,000 acres of farmland and is a promoter of Genetically Modified (GMO) foods.

The United Nations is waging a war on humans for consuming meat as well. In 2018, the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) touted, “Our use of animals as a food-production technology has brought us to the verge of catastrophe” while naming meat “the world’s most urgent problem.”

The alarmists at the UNEP need a soothing bath, a hot cup of tea – and a psychiatric evaluation. Blaming animals for global warming smacks of propaganda by the powerful. And besides, it’s a bunch of hooey. Cow gas and cow burps are not destroying the environment. Furthermore, a beef ban is bunk.  

Vegans are welcome to the fake ‘Beyond Burger’ and the fake ‘Impossible Burger,’ but individuals that would rather eat authentic meat as opposed to synthetic meat (aka cultured meat, lab-grown meat, in vitro meat, cell-based meat) need to exercise the right of choice about what they want to put into their own bodies. Vegans need to be informed on the real science and stop criticizing beef-eaters.   

The World Economic Forum cabal (founder Klaus Schwab) proclaims that meat is evil on his website. “With the large-scale livestock industry now viewed as an unnecessary evil, and the advantages of novel vegan meat replacements and cultured meat becoming better known, it’s only a matter of time before they capture a substantial share of the market.”

What do the long-term double-blinded, placebo-controlled trials on research studies say about the results of consuming a diet of synthetic meats? To my knowledge, there aren’t any study outcomes. 

And what do Bill Gates, the United Nations leaders, and Klaus Schwab have in common? They dine together at annual dinners in Davos Switzerland, headquarters of the World Economic Forum. Hmmm. Are they biting into bugs and sipping cockroach milk? 

Moo. The following information is what is right with eating beef.  

The ethical scientists on the other side of the coin are debunking the consumption of meat as the cause to the impending demise of civilization. Sorry, Al Gore, your gig is up. Cow gas is not destroying the planet. And eating beef is not destroying humanity.  

“Plant-based meat may enjoy the perception of being healthier than real meat, but it has more sodium and calories and can cause weight gain,” according to a 2019 article in USA Today

Per a 2019 article in the New York Times, the evidence is too weak to justify telling individuals to eat less beef and pork, according to new research. 

Dr. Shawn Baker, MD, is an outspoken advocate for eating beef and reviews myriad studies.

Listen to Baker on YouTube.

The ten states with the highest number of beef cows are: Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, Kansas, Montana, Kentucky, North Dakota, and Florida.

How bizarre that citizens in the USA have to fight for their right to consume beef. Strange times, indeed.  

Many people in the United States are eaters of beef. And living in America still means that citizens can still choose to consume red meat. And vegans can choose to eat veggies and bugs.   

The beef bullies need to peddle their propaganda elsewhere. 

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