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Op-Ed: Slavery Exists Today, Has Always Existed, And Can Be Prevented

Young people gather in London to raise awareness of modern day slavery across the World. File photo: Alan Fraser Images, Shutter Stock, licensed.

SPRING HILL, FL – Slavery did not begin in the United States. Critical Race Theory, White Supremacy, Social Justice, the 1619 Project and other Marxist theories are being indoctrinated into our children who attend government schools. They are projecting these theories as if they are historical and irrefutable facts. Some parents of different physical aspects and shades of color are revolting against this approach of dividing youngsters by race. These unsustainable theories have directly undermined Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream: “Judge people not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

These Marxist theories are attempts to rewrite world history by woke and Black Studies professors. The New York Times writer presumed a slave ship landing in Jamestown was the founding of the USA. The slaves were on their way to Mexico when they landed in Jamestown, Virginia where they were bartered for supplies. This article created a false narrative that our nation was founded and built on slavery.

Insinuating that the U.S. is a systemic racist one defies our nation’s history. US blacks are the most prosperous and freest blacks in the world. Blacks are protected by non-discrimination laws and have obtained the highest positions in our corporations, military and government including the president of the United States. Being only 13% of our population, Blacks comprise a large proportion of our music, entertainment, sports, and local, state, and federal government positions. Many Black Studies professors have employed Marxist social class concepts to attempt to emphasize social injustice in the United States.

Most victorious conquering tribes or nations enslaved the losers of wars regardless of their ethnicity, race, or color. This phenomenon is found throughout biblical writings and world history. The Judaic tribe was enslaved by the Egyptians. The Greeks, Arabs, and Romans enslaved conquered people as their empires grew. Native tribes in America conquered other tribes taking them as slaves. Even white settlers on boats were impressed as prisoners and made slaves aboard English ships. Even successful “Black” plantation owners possessed other “Blacks” as slaves.

It is true that Blacks historically were discriminated against in the United States. It is also true that “Micks”, “Pollocks”, “Hymies”, “Wops”, “Chinks”, “Spics”, “Square-heads” and many other ethnic/racial groups have been discriminated against. The word “slave” came from the Slavic language due to historical enslavement of the Slavic people. Slavery existed throughout history worldwide and still flourishes today.

Often established Black citizens were preferably hired before early immigrants and were paid slightly higher wages. There were indentured servants and slavery but the US corrected these injustices early in its history compared to other nations of the world. America fought a violent Civil War killing 640,000 to 700,00 American soldiers to definitively end slavery. 

Yet slavery is prevalent today. Some pundits state that there is more slavery today than there ever was before when sexual slavery is figured into the equation. Today Africans are enslaving other Africans. The Marxist mecca of China has Uyghur Muslims in concentration camps who are being exterminated if they bring attention to their plightSome African nations are still practicing cannibalism and slavery.

Child slavery has become recognized world-wide as a big business even among the political elites. The open borders of the U.S. see many unaccompanied youngsters sold by the drug cartels to the sex traffickers. Many “coyotes” charge the parents to get their children entrance into the U.S. while the coyote often sexually abuses the child on the journey. The “Epsteins” of the world, selfish hedonistic adults, have an unlimited supply of innocent children enslaved for their pleasure.

Many other Americans are addicted to behavior that is classified as perverted in the Bible. NAMBLA (National Association of Man-Boy Love Association) is attempting to legalize an adult male having sex with children. Children are too young to consent to this lifestyle as they are unable to contemplate the future ramifications. In essence as a pedophilia object, they would be sex slaves.

The giving up of one’s freedom to do what is right to do is slavery. Too many modern people are surrendering their freedom to gain an advantage that is not as precious as freedom. The politician who is a hack, the prostitute who is the pawn of a pimp, the entertainer who gets ahead by giving sexual favors, a union teacher who follows destructive practices to students to keep their job, a child in an out-of-control neighborhood who imitates antisocial behavior to be accepted, a corporate head who takes advantage of his customers to remain in power are all slaves to their lifestyle choices. This is self-slavery.

Our freedom should be preserved to do the right things for oneself and others. This is truly the way to prevent modern slavery and remain free.

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