VIDEO: Lara Logan: “Social Security Numbers” Being Passed Out to Migrants at U.S. Southern Border

Lara Logan
Elections: Real Problems; Real Solutions, Pollack Cinemas, Tempe, AZ. Photo credit: The Gateway Pundit / Rumble.

TEMPE, AZ – Lara Logan, a former journalist and war correspondent for both CBS and Fox News, was filmed speaking at a recent event where she made the claim that migrants illegally entering the southern border of the United States are immediately being presented with valid social security numbers by the Biden Administration.

Addressing an audience from a stage in Tempe, AZ., the conservative Logan – known for spreading conspiracy theories – made the claim that members of the Biden U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency had told her they were literally handing out legitimate, working social security numbers to migrants as soon as they cross the border.

“These people don’t believe in citizenship. And now, when people come across the border illegally – and I have this confirmed from Border Patrol agents who were actually, physically doing this – they had given a social security number,” she said, drawing gasps of astonishment from the audience. “They get assigned a social security number when they cross. I’m not sure how many of you are aware of that.”

Logan went on to allege that this was part of a plot to “pad the voter rolls” in Democratic-led states by “exploiting” migrants  in order to “cheat” to acquire more federal funding and political representation in Congress.


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“You want to know where the cheating starts? It’s long before you get to the polls. It starts with the census. It starts with counting illegal immigrants in the census,” she said. “How do you determine how many members of Congress you get? Population size, right? So California has all of these delegates in the Electoral College, and you don’t just get more money from the federal government for your increased population, you don’t just get more congressional candidates representing you, you get the opportunity to pad the voter rolls with people who are being completely and utterly exploited.”

Social Security Numbers for Noncitizens
Social Security Numbers for Noncitizens
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