Russia Claims United States, NATO “Main Threats” to Russian Security; Will Defend Its “Naval Power” In The Black And Azov Seas

Vladimir Putin
Putin’s doctrine noted that the greatest threat to Russia is “the strategic policy of the USA to dominate the world’s oceans” and the advancement of NATO closer towards Russia’s borders. File photo: Shag 7799, Shutter Stock, licensed.

ST. PETERSBURG – On Sunday, Russian President Vladimir Putin, amidst Navy Day celebrations – a holiday that honors the sailors of the Russian Navy – signed a naval doctrine that stated the United States and NATO represent the “main threats” to his country’s national security.

The document was signed in St. Petersburg after the Russian President delivered a Navy speech, declaring that Moscow will defend its national security interests throughout the world.

The naval doctrine, coming in at 55-pages, states that Russia will extend its reach into the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans, a move that the United States had previously warned both Russia and China against taking.

“Guided by this doctrine, the Russian Federation will firmly and resolutely defend its national interests in the world’s oceans, and having sufficient maritime power will guarantee their security and protection,” Putin’s doctrine said. “We need to take resolute action today, given the challenges we’re facing. The homeland for everyone is a sacred concept. We need to defend it.”


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Putin’s doctrine also noted that the greatest threat to Russia is “the strategic policy of the USA to dominate the world’s oceans” and the advancement of NATO closer towards Russia’s borders, likely referring to the applications Finland and Sweden recently submitted to the intergovernmental military alliance .

While Putin did not touch on the war in Ukraine, he did declare that Russia will defend its “naval power” in the Black and Azov seas, saying “We need to rely on our capabilities, and anyone who would like to endanger our sovereignty will get a strong response.”

Tensions have risen considerably between Putin’s country and the United States since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine in February, as the U.S. has been sending billions in supplies and weapons to the Ukrainian government to use against Russian aggressors.

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