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Op-Ed: “Who You Gonna Believe, Me or Your Lying Eyes”

Chico Marx
Leonard Joseph “Chico” Marx, an comedian, actor and pianist. He was the oldest brother in the Marx Brothers comedy group.

DELRAY BEACH, FL- That phrase was voiced by Chico Marx in the movie “Duck Soup” (he’s the brother of Groucho Marx), which most assuredly can be used to describe the actions of the Biden Administration now that the report has come out stating we have had two quarters of negative GDP, which is the true definition of a recession. But, not according to Joe Biden and his economic flunky’s in his Administration.  To listen to them, we are not in a recession, but we’re in the throes of an economic boom. They must think everybody else is as stupid as they are to believe such obvious nonsense. As I’ve said before relating to the sign that former President Harry Truman had on his desk that stated, “The Buck Stops Here”, but to Biden it should read, “The Buck Never Gets Here”. These incompetent clowns, most of whom, never had a job in the business sector, proclaim this nonsense with a straight face.

Nobody in their right mind wants to go through a recession, but it’s the result of poor economic thinking by Biden and his cronies to get rid of all the positive economic ideas of his predecessor, Donald Trump.  Trump, with all his warts, had this country’s economy humming with record low unemployment, especially among the minorities. We were energy independent and an energy exporter, not having to rely on foreign energy. The stock market was booming and wages of workers were on the rise. Companies who fled to overseas were coming back to the United States due to the favorable tax policies that Trump initiated. Even with a Chinese pandemic ravaging our country and the world, the economic policies were working, but then came the Biden Administration which took a chain saw to most all these workable policies out of pique and hatred by Biden against Trump, on day one of his administration, and look at where we are today, at the start of a recession, how deep it goes only time will tell.

Biden’s tenure in the White House has been nothing short of an outright disaster. Even his fellow Democrats, when polled, 75% said they don’t want him to run for re-election. His favor ability rating has hit the low 30’s which is a bad omen for the Democrats in the upcoming mid-term elections. Voters have a tendency to vent their anger at the party in power by voting for the “out” party when the mid-terms come about. Most all pundits predict a wipe out of the Democrats, unless the Republicans can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory like they’ve done in the past.

Besides the economic disasters plaguing The Biden Administration, the other thorns in their side are the rampant crime that is infecting most of our cities, and starting to leak into the more affluent suburbs.  This includes the lax law enforcement of the by radical mayors and prosecutors which seem to favor the criminal over their victims. You could hear only crickets from the Democrats as this dire situation goes mostly not condemned by them, as the anarchist groups of ANTIFA and BLM are mostly aligned with the Democrats. An example of this phenomenon was our now Vice-President Kamala Harris putting up bail money for the violent protesters arrested during the violent summer of 2020, and the lack of the Democrats for not condemning the calling for the harassment of Republicans and Supreme Court Justices. To the Democrats it’s like nothing is wrong. So yes, who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes.

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