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Op-Ed: Almighty God Versus Satan – The Sting of the Century

 On the morning of July 6, 2022, the guidestones were heavily damaged in a bombing,[2][6] and were dismantled later that day.[7][8]
The Georgia Guidestones in Elberton, Georgia, before the recent bombing. The stones have eight different translations of the same text. On the morning of July 6, 2022, the Guidestones were heavily damaged in a bombing. File photo: The Brownfowl collection, Shutter Stock, licensed.

GREEN BAY, WI – “May God have mercy for my enemies, because I won’t.”  This quote by George S. Patton, Jr. still reverberates in our eardrums, lo these many years later.  And it is so very timely, in terms of what we are seeing play out in America and on the world stage this very day.

But just what is the truth, the reality, of what is going on behind the scenes in this epic spiritual war of ‘Good versus Evil’?

Let’s delve into the events that are transpiring in real-time—events that are piling up in news cycles at a staggering degree.  One has a difficult time following all of the various happenings, while at the same time balancing work and relationships.

Nevertheless, we must stay aware of the ‘signs of the times,’ as Jesus warned us.  No one knows the exact day and hour of the upcoming Rapture of Believers—Believers that Jesus Christ was the Son of God Who died for our sins and rose again.  However, Jesus gave the disciples a list of things to watch for; this we remember well.

And indeed, many of these prophecies that currently are unfolding, in terms of plagues, etc., appear to be manmade!  Consider the pestilences, manmade in biological laboratories—and also the earthquakes in diverse places that Jesus spoke of, some of which reliable sources say are caused by secret high-tech ‘direct energy weapons.’

It almost looks like these evil ones perpetrating these malicious acts read the end-times prophecies in Ezekiel, and are playing them out exactly according to what Scripture prophesied/foretold!

But we also remember that Jesus told the disciples that out of all of the signs that He mentioned, there was one main sign to pay attention to—and that is the re-gathering of the nation of Israel into their land.  Christ said that the generation that sees this happen will see all of Bible prophecy unfold.

Of course, we remember that Israel did re-gather into their land on May 14, 1948.  And it happened in just one day, exactly as the Bible had foretold that it would.

Now, what length of time is a generation, according to the Bible?  It looks like 70 to 80 years seems to represent a generation in Scripture—although there also is reference to 100 years.  And with regard to how long it’s been since Israel re-gathered from around the world, we count 74 years.

It doesn’t get any more compelling than that.

As Almighty God pulls back the curtain on the vile underbelly of systemic evil worldwide, we see the cockroaches scatter.  These vermin are desperate right now, and thus we see their futile attempts at locking down the world once again.

They currently are using monkeypox as their latest fear tactic.  But we already know that monkeypox mainly is spread via homosexual sex.  And also of keen interest, there was an article in Truth Press that clearly shows that the Wuhan Lab actually was experimenting with Monkeypox last year already.  It also states that they even published research in February, 2022!

And of course, if the monkeypox ploy fails, there is always the newly-introduced BA.5 virus—which ‘coincidentally’ can re-infect a person every month.

The Elite Global Cabal/Deep State also has another backup plan that they are pulling out of their sleeve, and that would be a resurrection of their climate change debacle. Never mind that many revered scientists disagree with climate change, and that the elite’s false theory is based upon forensic evidence—which is the ‘guessing type’ of science—and certainly not the empirical type of science with backed studies.

The World Economic Forum (WEC), headed by the vile Klaus Schwab, is at the top of the list, in terms of being one of the organizations that the Deep State works through to establish their nefarious plan.  Here we see a video of Yuval Noah Harari, prophet to the members of the WEC, saying that in order to distract people, one needs an “external enemy that threatens the survival of the nation.”

Here, we also see Harari telling us that he and his evil minions are on the cusp of the ability to be beyond the God of the Bible.”

And the WEF is not the only group trying to control humanity and take over the world.  The United Nations recently confirmed that they will join with the WEC to enact the ‘2030 Agenda.’

What exactly is the 2030 Agenda? Well, these degenerate elites recently have been hunkered down in Davos, Switzerland, where they frantically are trying, via the World Economic Forum (WEC) and the Davos 2022 Forum, to depopulate the planet from all ‘useless humans’—and then to enslave those whom they ‘so very graciously’ allow to remain to serve their greedy appetites!

Sounds like something out of a science fiction plot.  Yet sadly, it is not. We all must do our own research, and find those outlets that we can trust—as the main stream media is, for the most part, corrupt.

So it’s good to follow vetted and honorable Patriots such as General Michael Flynn, Lt. General Tom McInerney, former Chief of Staff to the former U. S. Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller, former Government Official Kash Patel, and former Military Intelligence Officer Seth Keschel—all of these Patriots have a sterling reputation for honesty and candor.

But yes, the Covid was merely a part of their Great Reset.  It was a planned biological attack on the world, as these evil Elites have run out of money—since the world no longer will honor the United States dollar—and thus are trying everything in their arsenal to depopulate We the People globally. The U. S. Department of Defense actually admitted that there are 46 biolabs in Ukraine that are funded by the U. S. Military.

We also know that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in all reality is Russia cleaning out the Global Cabal’s nest of these bioweapons labs, and also Russia destroying the Cabal’s human trafficking and money laundering facilities in that country.

Yes, this Global Cabal/Deep State exists worldwide, and they are determined to enact their 2030 Agenda/Great Reset.  And they’re not shy about coming out and telling us their plan, as we saw on July 1, 2022, during an interchange that took place on CNN. CNN asks Biden Advisor Brian Deese, “What do you say to those families who say, ‘listen, we can’t afford to pay $4.85 a gallon for months, if not years?’  Deese replies, ‘This is about the future of the Liberal World Order, and we have to stand firm.’”

And by the way, Deese is a former BlackRock executive—and we know that BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street own over half of the companies in the Fortune 500. Yes, it’s all about power and money, and We the People are not on the list of these evil Elites’ concerns. Not by a long shot.

And the Global Cabal is not in any way intimidated by the weak and clueless Biden. Indeed, he is one of their puppets whom they have installed in governments throughout the world. In a recent segment on Fox News’ Tucker Carlton Tonight show, we saw Tucker saying, “Everyone around Joe Biden has known perfectly well for more than three years that he is incapable of serving as President. Knowing that, they foisted him on the country to carry out the task, to carry out the revolution, to end the historic protections of free speech and self-defense in the United States, to hobble domestic energy production, to scramble gender roles until no one can think clearly, and then to hook the middle class on federal handouts.”

Tucker’s got this vast plot by the Cabal figured out, as do we. And their time on this Earth is very, very short.

Indeed, the evil ones are being cornered worldwide, as Bobby Kennedy, Jr. tells us: “You are on the front line of the most important battle in human history. And it is the battle to save democracy and freedom and human liberty and human dignity from this totalitarian cartel that is trying to rob us simultaneously in every nation in the world of the rights that every human being is born with.”

In that video, Kennedy also declares that he “will go down dying with his boots on” fighting for our children’s rights.

And plenty of others currently are speaking up, as well.  We even saw Dr. Ronny Jackson—former top White House Physician to Presidents Bush, Obama, and Trump—talking in an interview with Mario Bartirimo recently, in which he says that he believes that Biden will be out soon.  He further asserted that Biden should resign, as it’s apparent that he cannot cognitively handle the job of President of the United States

There also was General Michael Flynn recently informing us that Klaus Schwab, Founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF), wants to be the leader of the New World Order.

Furthermore, General Flynn recently described the type of 5th generation warfare America, as well as humanity as a whole worldwide, is fighting: “We are in a war, and it is not the force-on-force where you have two military enemies. In fact, the military is actually a lesser force…a lesser power, has less influence than these institutions and agencies, and people that operate in sort of what we would call this ‘gray zone,’ and that gray zone is now the WEF….”

Flynn also wrote a current article in the Western Journal, where he states that U. S. Governors need to stand against Biden and his administration.

But perhaps the most mysterious comment General Flynn made was during a recent interview that he gave on Lou Dobbs’ The Great America Show. During this conversation, General Flynn actually says that the Deep State soon will feel the pain.

Indeed, many other credible sources say that the white hats are winning this war of ‘Good versus Evil.’  And General Flynn also offers encouragement, where he states that he thinks that we will be okay, that people are waking up, and that the socialists in this country know that their days are numbered.

And for those who think that nothing is happening with regard to the white hats gaining ground, consider the fact that Prime Minister Johnson of Britain was taken out, former EU Central Bank Chief Draghi in Italy was taken out, and Estonia’s head of government has resigned.  Moreover, Germany and Brazil are dealing with large ongoing protests.

And then there’s the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, who is embroiled in scandals.  Additionally, the Prime Minister of Israel has resigned as the Israeli government also is dissolving, and the President of Sri Lanka has resigned.

Add to that the news that French President Macron has been ordered to resign, as he faces an urgent probe after ‘betraying France’.

No, things are not going as smoothly for the Cabal’s Great Reset as they had envisioned. And back in the United States, Biden is imploding—with his approval ratings even in the Democratic realm dropping significantly, day by day.

And how about that reinvigorated United States Supreme Court? Suddenly, we are getting Christian / conservative decisions coming at us full steam! SCOTUS recently ruled to repeal the decades-old Roe vs. Wade, thus saving countless babies from abortion; ruled that praying in school is okay; ruled that one does not need a special reason to apply for a ‘concealed carry’ permit; and ruled that noncitizens cannot vote in United States elections.

Just let that settle in.

And let’s not forget the Supreme Court’s recent decision to shut down the ability of the EPA to limit fossil fuels, which is the main ingredient for our economy. This is huge!

This comes just in time, as the WEF also recently decided that in order to save the planet, we common folks have to give up our “wasteful” private cars.

But the other reason that SCOTUS’ decision on fossil fuels is big news is because many Americans are realizing, with a jolt, that America is indeed being taken down from within—and they are in need of some wisdom coming from government.  Inflation and gas prices and crime has hit an all-time high, as Biden—probably being run by Obama and crew—continues to shut down United States pipelines, ship jobs overseas, bow to Russia and China while inciting a continual proxy war in Ukraine, and completely open America’s borders to criminals and Covid and drugs that kill with only one pill.

Keep in mind that this artificially-decreased amount of fossil fuel energy is taking place worldwide at the behest of the Global Cabal/Deep State.  They especially want to bring America to its knees.  Western Europe, Italy, and Hungary also are experiencing severe energy shortages.

And we see that the evil ones are admitting that power grid problems are on their way for America. They obviously are trying to get We the People prepped for their preplanned blackouts

New York City’s Emergency Management also has introduced Public Service commercials featuring ‘preparedness in the event of a nuclear attack.

Now, the Global Deep State also is panicking over the next case that SCOTUS is going to review—and that is on who has the power to control the elections in the states. The timing of this scheduled review is interesting, as the case will be appraised in October. Could this be the final piece of the puzzle to block the Deep State’s ongoing and massive cheating attempts?

We have seen many speaking up on the assertion that the 2020 Presidential election contained massive fraud and manipulation that lead to a stolen election for Biden. Texas and Arizona are refusing to recognize the false Biden regime—and Texas Republicans are pushing for a referendum to vote on the state’s secession from the U. S. in 2023! They did this at a convention that declared Biden’s victory illegitimate, after watching Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary 2000 Mules on massive election fraud/theft.

As well, Catherine Engelbrecht from True the Vote—a conservative vote-monitoring organization based in Houston, Texas—tracked the swindlers in the 2020 Presidential election. In an interview by X22 Report TV, she has explained both why and how they used ‘geofencing’ to track the cheaters, referred to as ‘mules.’  This technology allows anyone to go back in time and build a pattern of life to track the fraudsters.

The mules were tracked to nongovernmental organizations, where they picked up the ballots and got paid. Engelbrecht currently is teaming up with Sheriffs who are in position across America to catch the cheaters.

Now, our beloved and courageous President Trump himself has been very vocal on the election having been stolen. He recently sat down for an interview with Newsmax, where he forced them to cover the fraudulent election—and even mentioned 2000 MulesIt truly is amazing that Newsmax aired this interview!

On Telegram, Trump also challenged the ‘Select Committee’ overseeing the January 6, 2021 hearings to allow him to put evidence of the election fraud/irregularities before them, state by state—but this of course will never happen.

President Trump also made some interesting comments on the 2020 Presidential election in an interview by VRA Insider, where Trump says, “What’s going on has never been seen in this country before.  Nobody’s ever seen anything like it. It is so serious, this whole thing. I’m at the forefront. I’m proud to be at the forefront. We’ve caught them, but we need some strength on the Republican side.”

We also saw President Trump discussing the recent massive Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling that stated that the use of drop boxes are illegal. He did this at his July 9, 2022 rally in Anchorage, Alaska.  Trump declared the following: “So they said it was illegal. So what does that mean? I know what that means. You all know what that means….” Indeed we do.

And there has been another astounding development with regard to Wisconsin, as the leader of the Wisconsin Assembly’s Elections Committee has called for invalidating President Biden’s 2020 election victory in the state. It doesn’t get any better than that! Here we have Patriots standing up, despite an onslaught of intense pressure and death threats from the Global Cabal and far-left bullies.

And VoterGA out of Georgia now has presented the numerous issues that they found in data related to the stolen 2020 Presidential election in Georgia. They say that what’s shocking is that on November 4, 2020, Georgia showed 100 percent reporting that indicated that Trump had won, but then 250,000 ballots were manufactured, and Biden was given the win by corrupt Secretary of State Raffensperger.

In terms of rectifying this allegedly stolen election, one of Trump’s lawyers, Attorney Christina Bobb, recently spoke about the pathway to decertifying the 2020 Presidential election. She stated the following: “They could withdraw their electors, or they could actually decide to award Trump electors, although I would anticipate they will probably just withdraw the electors…. And if that happens from three different states, three different resolutions go into Congress… and they would decide whether they want to accept the resolutions, and whether they want to act on them or not.”

Still, it doesn’t get any better than the recent two-minute video of former Trump Advisor Steve Bannon right after his court date, where Bannon asserts that Trump won the 2020 Presidential election, and that Joe Biden is illegitimate—and Bannon then explains that this is the reason why no world heads-of-state, or China or the Saudi’s, have any respect for Biden.  Bannon adds that as a result of this situation, the United States of America is in a Constitutional crisis.

Remember that Trump never said that the election was over. He specifically left that wording out. We see in outtakes from a speech prepared for Trump on January 7, 2021 that he was supposed to say that the election that he lost to Biden was over. Trump refused.

Trump never surrendered. Trump never conceded.

It appears very clear Trump and his close associates/aides have every piece of incriminating information that they need to take America back. Former government official Kash Patel has stated that Trump has all of the information, and that Trump will release it “in Trump time.”

Kash also says, “We have the people.  We figured it out after the first administration under President Trump, where we found the Deep-Staters nesting themselves in just because they thought they had a duty to break the chain of command and oust the duly-elected President of the United States.” 

And our beloved General Michael Flynn also is leading the charge worldwide in alerting all countries that the global white hat alliance is supporting them. Recently, we saw a short video of Flynn playing to the crowds in Amsterdam, rallying their troops against the Global Cabal!

Now, another area where we are seeing developments by the global good guys is in the arrests of numerous child/human sex traffickers worldwide. Moreover, Ghislaine Maxwell has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for perpetrating heinous crimes against children. And the horrendous Epstein Island has been shut down.

And worldwide, there are many trafficking arrests being made, as well. And then there were the incidents where the Feds arrested 32 in ‘Operation Blue Ghost’ child exploitation stings in Kansas and Missouri.

Most every day, we see headlines where the white hats—a worldwide alliance that is made up of U. S. loyal Military, the Pentagon and Space Force, and also certain Asian elders and benevolent European nobility—are destroying evil at its very core.

And speaking of revolting evil, how many of us clapped in glee when the Satanic ‘Georgia Guidestones Monument’ was destroyed? This of course was a monument dedicated to Satan, which included a list of ‘Satanic Commandments’—the first of which involved depopulating the human race down to 500,000 individuals.

But when Our Sweet Lord steps in, He means business!

Of course, equally riveting have been the recent developments in the Durham investigation, where Special Counsel John Durham is researching for wrongdoing in the Trump-Russia investigations—investigations that all came up empty.

In the later part of June, a United States v. Danchenko Protective Order has been granted as to Igor Danchenko, who is a British ex-spy and Christopher Steele’s alleged main source for his discredited dossier.

Kash Patel made the following comment on his website regarding this development: “This means Durham filed a bunch of classified documents, that he has being declassified, and will unveil at trial.  Gangster move, what I used to do to put down terrorists…

Patel also announced that he is officially a representative for Donald Trump at the National Archives, and then he declared, “And I am going to march down there—I’ve never told anyone this, because it just happened—and I am going to identify every single document that they blocked from being declassified at the National Archives, and we are going to start putting that information out next week.”

And even more recently, Durham actually has requested 30 subpoenas against the anti-Trump dossier source Igor Danchenko.

Kash Patel told former Representative Devin Nunes (R-CA), who is now CEO of Truth Social: “When you are issuing thirty trial subpoenas… not grand jury subpoenas… you’re telling the judge ‘I’ve got thirty witnesses that I’m going fly in from all over the country and the world to prosecute this case,’ [and] shows you how seriously John Durham is moving on this matter because this is the fulcrum of the case….” 

Patel said that the Danchenko case “intersects the Clinton campaign, their dirty deeds, their fake money, Christopher Steele, and the likes of Fusion GPS.”  Danchenko, he added, “was caught, and these 30 subpoenas are going to shed information at the heart of this matter by real people testifying in federal court.”

On another front, we see that the Democratic January 6 Select Committee’s ‘show trial’ has taken a nosedive. In a recent interview of General Flynn by Lou Dobbs on his The Great American Show, Flynn said that there should be an immediate investigation of Michael Stenger, Senate Sergeant at Arms.

Flynn also asserted that Stenger had perfect intel, and was responsible for all security at the Nation’s Capitol—and the good general also added that it seems very peculiar to him that this unfortunate man showed up dead within hours before he was scheduled to testify.

It is also common knowledge that Trump authorized up to 20,000 troops days before January 6, 2021.  Moreover, Alan Dershowitz, a Democratic lawyer known for his work in U. S. Constitutional law and American criminal law, has spoken out numerous times on what he refers to as a “Kangaroo court,” regarding this staged trial. He also says that he has been silenced on his opinion on January 6th’s events by the far-left organizations.”

And there are plenty of reliable articles circulating on how the FBI infiltrated/orchestrated things on January 6. Furthermore, evidence has emerged tying General Mark Milley to the chief strategist.

Of course, while this fake January 6 hearing continues, the Global Cabal/Deep State continues on in their desperate attempts to shut down America, the last standing beacon of Almighty God’s principles, laws, and liberties—and also to depopulate the entire world, with those that they so ‘graciously’ allow to live implanted with chips/regulations so that these guinea pits can be controlled slaves.  Their ‘Great Reset’ is none other than a ‘Great Communist/Marxist Takeover’ of humanity.

We see in the following short video the evil Klaus Schwab saying that they want to weaken America from within, and put Communist China in charge worldwide.

And guess who else is backing China in this evil effort? That would be BRICS, which is a group of nations made up of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. These nations are coming together to ‘de-dollarize’ the world, and China is at the head of that pact.

Indeed, the sad truth is that China, through the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ and massive infiltration at the highest levels of governments, has gained incredible control all over the world—especially in Africa, Central America, the Middle East, and South America.  Moreover, China has one goal in sight:  Global Communism, which they plan on controlling 100 percent.

We already see Russia and China officially announcing a ‘new global reserve currency’.

And then there’s the World Health Organization’s (WHO) ‘expert’ panel recently voting 9 to 6 against an emergency declaration for monkeypox—only to be followed up immediately by WHO Chief Ghebreyesus overruling this decision, and henceforth declaring an emergency for monkeypox.

Although this is nowhere near a pandemic in scope, and although monkeypox is spread via homosexual sex—we still see Ghebreyesus posting, right after his bogus emergency declaration, an announcement that the vaccines already have been shipped to several countries.

Such devious preplanning, as always—yes, everything has been carefully plotted out.

And, unfortunately, the Cabal’s plan to starve Americans and cut off their fuel supply—while simultaneously locking them down again via whatever new Covid variant they manufacturer—is progressing. Shadow Government Statistics states that the real number on inflation is 17.4 percent, and that the real unemployment rate is 24.3 percent.

Inflation appears to be costing the average American family right around $6,000 per year. General Tom McInerney posted a video from “The War Room,” where it says that the U.S. System has collapsed, as 10 to 12,000 migrants push barriers—and migrate through Mexico on their way to America.  Of course, all of this is happening while DHS Secretary Mayorkas insists that “the border is secure.”

Nevertheless, the Cabal’s games are coming to an end.  We the People are fighting back, and doing so with a vengeance. And the U. S. Supreme Court continues to suddenly have developed its backbone again. Could this be due to staunch safety and protective measures being put into place for the Justices?

Whatever the reason, in terms of this border crisis in America, SCOTUS also recently refused to reinstate the Biden administration’s policy limiting immigration arrests, after a Texas district judge said that the guidance to deportation officers violated federal laws. The Texas Tribune reported, “The court instead said it will hear the merits of the case in December. The practical result is that the administration will not be able to implement its strategy for the rest of the year.”

In all truth, however, it’s patently clear that the only thing holding back China and the entire Global Cabal/Deep State is their fear of the United States—which is due to the fact that they know that Trump and his worldwide alliance stand behind this great country…this great country of Almighty God, the Bible-backed Constitution, and our God-given freedoms that include the ‘right to bear arms.

And speaking of our true Commander-In-Chief, we recently saw another very heartening post by President Donald J. Trump on Telegram, which shows a picture of his Boeing 757 that he campaigned on—and then talks on how this plane is renovated and “coming back to the skies in the Fall of 2022, or maybe sooner.” The post then summons all of us to “Get ready!”

Indeed, it’s been a rough year and a half for Americans and Christians and freedom-lovers worldwide.  This especially is true when we have to watch the Global Cabal either cancel the elections or cheat like crazy—after which they simply try to collapse everything, including the United Stated of America and the buying power of the U. S. dollar.

We see inflation out of control, a Cabal-engineered food crisis and famine just around the corner, and other crises like monkeypox and the BA.6 virus all lined up, ready to go.  It is the Deep State’s intention to terrify the population, and they are trying to accomplish this evil feat in such a way that their fingerprints are not on everything.

But it won’t work.  We the People no longer will turn on each other.  Instead, the Patriots are hunting down the Deep State worldwide.  Soon, these nefarious criminals will not be able to walk down the street!

Right this very moment, there are conversations in state attorney generals’ offices all across the country, because people are demanding prosecution—and an end to this ‘two-tier’ justice system.  This shadow government that manipulates and shapes the policies of the visible government—without regard to the best interests of the country, the U. S. Constitution, the laws enacted by Congress, and the public policies of the President—is being exposed in real-time.

We must resist like 1776!

Now, on another front, we Believers in Christ are well aware of the signs all around us concerning the upcoming Rapture of Believers and return of Jesus Christ.  We see all of the manmade pestilences, earthquakes, and famines—increasing in intensity as Bible Prophecy foretold.

And we see the saber-rattling of nuclear war, and the clamor of the New World Order involving a one-world government, economy, and religion—right on our doorstep.  All of these things were foretold in Scripture, as it is only the one True and Living God Who is able to prophecy events before they happen…in this case, thousands of years before they take place!

Also of supreme interest to those who follow Bible Prophecy, is the fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin recently arrived in Tehran for a trilateral summit with his Iranian and Turkish counterparts in Syria.

Truly, this definitely has the whisperings of the War of Gog and Magog, prophesied in in Genesis, 1 Chronicles, and Ezekiel in the Old Testament—and then in Revelation in the New Testament.  We make this correlation because we know that Russia, Iran, Turkey, and Assyria will go to war with Israel during the War of Gog and Magog.  This war will occur either right before, during, or after the Rapture—although most Bible prophecy scholars say that we Believers in Christ cannot be a part of this war.

With Russia and Iran already on the border of Syria, all Iran would have to do is launch something over the Golan Heights—and that’s all it would take to trigger Ezekiel 38’s War of Gog and Magog.  We know from Ezekiel 38 that five-sixths of the nations that go against Israel during this war will be annihilated.  One of those nations is Russia, and Scripture says that for the one-sixth of that army returns to Russia safely—God will bring down fire upon them!

We also see during this War of Gog and Magog that the Lord gets directly involved.  This type of direct involvement by God has not happened since the Exodus or the Great Flood.

Nevertheless, in Ezekiel, during the War of Gog and Magog, we see once again—after all of this time in history—the Lord’s direct involvement!  Also, in these chapters in Ezekiel, we see Almighty God’s statement ‘and then they will know that I am the Lord’ is mentioned 54 times!  ‘They’ refers to Israel, and these 54 statements are an indication that God is showing that the miraculous feats that He is performing ‘against all odds’ prove that He is behind coming to Israel’s aid!

Also of note, in Ezekiel 39, when talking about the War of Gog and Magoc, it tells us that they were not allowed to touch the bodies—which sounds like a case of radiation or contamination.  Very interesting, indeed!

Yes, Bible prophecy is unfolding right before our very eyes, but 2 Thessalonians 2:1-8 assures us that the Rapture will happen before the ‘man of lawlessness,’ the Anti-Christ, makes his presence known on the world scene.  However, we do already see the formation of the coming New World Order via the U.N. and WEC.  In their stealth and manipulative war, without firing a shot, these evil vermin have gained the loyalty of most world leaders for their Marxist/Communist plans to enslave humanity.

But not so fast.  The global white hat alliance has Almighty God and His Truth on their side.  Only the Lord knows whether He will give America and freedom lovers another reprieve, as He did with Trump’s inauguration in 2016—despite all Earthly odds at that time!

Yet it certainly does look like God is revealing all of the filth and dirt and evil on this planet in one fell swoop.  And it would make sense that He would use Believers in Christ, those who possess God’s Holy Spirit, to clean things up at this point in time.

However, at a certain future time, the One World Order will happen; we know this from Bible prophecy.  But for now, as the shroud covering evil worldwide is drawn back by Our Lord and Savior, we see that He appears to be empowering the white hats in what looks to be ‘the Sting of the Century’!  Trump and the Patriots undeniably are ready to take back America, and to gallantly help the freedom-loving countries worldwide, as well.

The Satanic Deep State most definitely fervently desires civil war in America, as well as constant/deep strife and battle amongst We the People.  But the sleeping giant of global Christian warriors has now awakened.  How amazingly foolish it is for these plotting Satanists to try to use their evil-infested brains to outwit Almighty God, the genuine Creator of the human mind.

You see, we’ve read the end of the Bible.  And this will not end well for them!

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