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Op-Ed: Applause for Gab Founder Andrew Torba Who Responds to Rachel Maddow’s “Smear of Me”

Gab CEO Andrew Torba watches and responds to Rachel Maddow's smear segment on Gab.
Gab CEO Andrew Torba watches and responds to Rachel Maddow’s smear segment on Gab.

PORTSMOUTH, OH – What is Gab? It’s a Christian-owned, family-run technology company founded by Andrew Torba. “Our mission is to defend free speech online for all people and to create and shape a parallel economy. Our business model prioritizes our community members and their privacy over profit.”

Torba was recently toasted and roasted by the mean queen of media mania – Rachel Maddow. Disgusted is what I felt while watching Maddow’s forked tongue jab and stab Torba on her sultry show. Read the following excerpts as Torba watched and responded

“Last night Rachel Maddow dedicated most of her show to attacking Christian Nationalism, Gab, Doug Mastriano, and my character personally. I’d like to start by saying that I’m praying for Ms. Maddow. She’s obviously a very confused and sad woman, but Jesus loves her nonetheless. I watched a replay of her show and reacted to many of the baseless lies in this video on Gab TV, I encourage you to please watch it to hear our side of the story and full response.

Readers, please note that I do not listen to Maddow’s show of tongue toxicity and poisonous propaganda, but I watched the replay of her campaign to smear-slur-slander Gab and Torba. And her verbiage was vicious. Where does she hide her fangs and venom sacs?  

According to the Gab website, Andrew Torba is a 31-year-old Christian entrepreneur from rural northeastern Pennsylvania. He is the founder and CEO of, the free speech social network. 

“Andrew is married to Emily Torba and is a loving father to their two children Sophia and Samuel. Andrew gave his life to Jesus Christ and got saved at a young age, but like many young Christians today he drifted from God in his early 20’s to chase a worldly dream in Silicon Valley. After founding Gab and experiencing God’s saving grace time and time again, Andrew grew much closer to the Lord and was baptized.”  

Why is the message of free speech being censored in the USA? Why are the messengers of free speech being blasted, boiled, and burned? Why are people of faith being lambasted and lashed?     

Let’s connect the dots of the censorship convoy. The coronavirus propaganda police hid in plain sight as they used fear to squash alternative information, data, facts, and statistics. Big Tech led the propaganda parade: Facebook (renamed Meta), Tweeter, Google, and YouTube, along with mainstream media conglomerates. Conservative voices are ostracized while liberal voices are lionized.  

“The people will believe what the media tells them to believe.” –George Orwell. 

American citizens possess the brain power to use critical thinking skills to decide what information is true and what information is false. Let the people decide what to read and what to discuss. “Misinformation” and “disinformation” are phrases used to control and prevent the masses from reaching their own conclusions and making their own choices.  

As a result of Torba’s free speech principles, Gab has been banned by 25 service providers over the years including both App Stores, multiple payment processors, and hosting providers. Torba himself has been personally banned from online banks, cryptocurrency exchanges, and Twitter for many years now. His family is also blacklisted by VISA. Why? Because they stand for freedom of speech. Because they are people of faith. Because they love the U.S. Constitution.

The world expects censorship of free speech from China, North Korean, Cuba, Vietnam, and Laos – communist countries. However, the world does not expect censorship from a sovereign nation. American citizens do not expect censorship in America.  

Neither president, pope, politician, police, nor preacher are granted the authority to tell free citizens what they can and cannot read or discuss concerning opposing viewpoints. Name any calamity – it does not matter. Our freedoms are never to be taken away – ever. Freedom is our foundation. And censorship erodes freedom.  

The Declaration of Independence affirms that people “are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

The Statue of Liberty is aptly named for a reason

“Andrew is a Christian man who isn’t afraid to speak the Truth boldly and stand up to courageously fight for what he believes in.” Words on the Gab website. 

If Andrew Torba can stand for truth, freedom, liberty, and justice – then so can all Christians and people of all faiths in the great United States. Speak up for freedom of speech in your town, community, state. Contact your state representatives. Exercise your right to vote. And send a message of encouragement to Torba. Wise up. Stand up. Speak up.  

And by the way, my Facebook account was suspended because I too, stood up for freedom of speech.  

“Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech,” proclaimed Benjamin Franklin. 

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