Two Black NYC Teens Charged in Hate Crime After Assaulting Woman Saying “All White People Going To Get What They Deserve”

Throughout the purportedly unprovoked attack, police say the three suspects repeatedly said racist, “anti-White” slurs and insults to the victim. The suspects then fled from the scene on foot.

NEW YORK CITY – Two Black teenage girls were arrested for hate crimes in New York City on Tuesday morning after they allegedly assaulted a 57 year-old White woman on a public bus in Queens earlier in July while calling her racial slurs, according to the New York City Department.

The two girls, ages 15 and 16, were both arrested in the city’s 102nd precinct, and have been charged with two counts of assault while carrying out a hate crime and aggravated harassment while carrying out a hate crime, cops say. The two suspects have not been identified by name due to their status as minors.

The police are still seeking a third suspect in the assault, who currently remains at large.

According to police, at approximately 6:50 p.m. on July 9, the three suspects in question attacked 57 year-old Jill LeCroix while riding on the southbound Q52 MTA bus, near Jamaica Avenue and Woodhaven Boulevard. The suspects allegedly hit the victim in the head with an unidentified weapon, causing a laceration and bleeding.


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Throughout the purportedly unprovoked attack, police say the three suspects repeatedly said racist, “anti-White” slurs and insults to the victim. The suspects then fled from the scene on foot.

LeCroix was transported to Jamaica Hospital, where she received three staples in her head due to the wound caused by the attack.

Authorities tracked down two of the suspects in the beating after receiving tips based on video and photographs they released of the three suspects walking on the street after the incident. Police are asking for assistance in locating the third suspect.

LeCroix, a grandmother of five with three bi-racial children who is employed as a bartender, said that one of her assailants accused her of being a supporter of former President Donald Trump prior to striking her.

“Before they hit me, the girl with the green hair said, ‘You probably like Trump! Don’t you?’ I said, ‘I love him.’ I didn’t see which one hit me first,” she said. “The one with the green hair, she was saying she hates White people, the way they talk, hates White skin, the way their skin cracks. Saying she was gangsta. I was the only White person on the bus. By the time we started passing St. John’s Cemetery on Woodhaven, she started in on me, saying, ‘That’s where I’m going to bury you!’”

“She had a bag from Bath and Body Works, and she took out a scrub and said she was going to beat me with it,” LeCroix continued. “She said, ‘You’re going to get what you deserve! All White people are going to get what they deserve.’ It was crazy.”

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