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Op-Ed: January 6th Television Series Incredibly Dangerous to Our Democracy; Where Are The “Cross-Examinations” of “Witnesses?”

January 6th Committee
Congressman Jamie Raskin (D-Md) speaks on the steps of the Capitol about the possibility of obstruction of justice charges in connection with January 6, 2021. Washington, DC, July 13, 2022. File photo: Erik Cox Photography, Shutter Stock, licensed.

BOCA RATON, FL – Those few Americans watching Nancy Pelosi’s January 6th television series, will have to wait until September to get the next segment. This “Kangaroo” style trial, reminiscent of those held to jail (and do worse to) political opponents of the Nazi and Kremlin regimes, has to be viewed as similar to the endless, long running serials, Days of Our Lives and General Hospital. These current, Democrat / Congressional, make-believe sessions faking us out of our shoes, seeking to manufacture truth, are actually full scale rehearsed productions with a former TV executive, who is paid quite well, with $$$$ out of our pockets, staging the performances of the political panelists and guest performers to have us all believe that the riots on January 6, 2021, were actually a full scale insurrection, formed, led and guided by President Trump to void the election of 2020 which he lost. All of the questions asked by the inquisitors are read off a prepared screen for them and the “witnesses” are fully prepared to give the right answers or….else.

When the Republicans were asked to submit names to serve on this “committee,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy did so, but Nancy Pelosi, the chief judge, prosecutor and juror, rejected Jim Jordan (R-Ohiio) and Jim Banks, (R-Ind), claiming their staunch support of President Trump and their public statements, “make it impossible for them to exercise judgment.” Sure, and Democrat Adam Schiff and wannabee Democrat  Liz Cheney are impartial to Trump? Give us a break! The hearings have as their true but unstated to the public goal of preventing Trump for running in 2024 by finding him guilty of a federal crime, based on the testimony of individuals, selected specifically for their politically influenced testimony. In addition, the constant pounding of Trump before the public, the Democrats hope, will turn off Republican and Independent voters for casting their ballots for him. After all, the three years of lying about Trump being in collusion with and a stoolie for Putin, cost Trump the 2020 election. They got what they wanted although they were obviously criminal in doing so.

We’re concerned that there is no uproar from Americans of all political stripes about not having a balance of opinion among the sitting “judges.” And where in the heck are the “cross-examinations” of the  “witnesses?” How do we know they are telling the truth, rather what they’ve been prodded and prompted to tell “the court?” And where are the major players of January 6th, Nancy Pelosi and D.C. Mayor Muriel Browser, both of whom were the only ones with the authority to call in the National Guard for the security of the Capitol? It’s claimed that President Trump requested such action days prior to the incident but both ladies refused to do so. Did they want this scenario to take place? We may never know because Nancy refuses to find out and she’s chief chef and bottle washer of this vaudeville show in D.C. 

The public is tired of this “Made for Day-Time TV Drama.” They’re more interested in the possibility of war over Ukraine, rising gas prices, inflation, the explosion of crime, the wide open borders down south, the ongoing pandemic and the staggering loss of school time for our kids. This dangerous political game which might take the air out of the room and doesn’t focus on our real problems endangers us all. And when it ends is anybody’s guess.

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