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Op-Ed: Liberalism Is A Mental Disease; The United States of America Is Now On Life Support

The United States of America is on life support, and leftists are standing on the very mechanisms which sustain its structure. File photo: Fotogrin, Shutter Stock, licensed.

MANATEE COUNTY, FL – When did Americans become such impotent cowards? Rolling over and showing our bellies to the biggest threats to our freedom and way of life? When did it become necessary to appease everything and everyone who had a differing thought or belief system?

Is the threat of Cancel Culture worth every ounce of dignity and pride? Is the notion that someone may call me out for being unapologetically furious at the simpering wimps that are idolized by mainstream media such a bad thing? No. No. No. No. Nope.

Everything that is good is considered bad. Everything righteous is evil, and everything that is demonic is sacred. Loving America, her Republic and our Constitution have “paid electives” calling Conservatives “Domestic Terrorists.” Standing up for MY child’s care and well being is systematically being taken out of the hands of parents and granted to the uncaring hands of the American government. God can’t be “uttered” without the fear of offending some atheist, and that is somehow my problem?

The United States of America is on life support, and leftists are standing on the very mechanisms which sustain its structure! To this writer, if standing up for my fundamental and core beliefs, in addition to the manner in which I chose to live my life and how I raise my child burns bridges, I ride at dawn—Join me and bring some matches!

I’m tired. I’m tired of watching a President who enriched, embraced and empowered “We, the People,” be called and accused of everything under the sun; and, a corrupt, degenerate, racist President, who at the very least sniffs children and has referred to people of color as the “N” word, PUBLICLY, while representing his constituents! This albatross of a “leader” is always given a literal pass. His wife is either an uninformed “doctor,” or follows close pursuit behind her demented husband.

Mr. 45, who donated his salary and took bullets every single day for four plus years, has raised five, seemingly, well balanced, productive children. I’m certain they have their warts like the rest of us, but overall they seem to be decent and hardworking people, who, like their father, have been called everything from a “feckless c**t” and worse.

Señor 46 has a verifiable pedophilic and drug addicted son, whose laptops are not only a treasure trove of his blatantly derelict behavior; but, additionally contain emails that prove he acted as a financial springboard for his criminal family enterprises—As a mediator for his corrupt, then Vice President of the United States, father’s seditious and treasonous dealings with America’s sworn enemies! His daughter left a diary detailing her very bizarre act of showeringwith her father—And, mainstream media’s response? Dead silence. Tree frogs are singing louder.

This President, in less than 1½ years, has collapsed America’s economy, ceased fracking, thus demolishing thousands of jobs, made America oil dependent on other countries; AND, is giving billions of barrels of our oil resources to our sworn enemy, China! And, don’t get me started on the CCP and how Mr. 46 has been carrying their water for decades. Really?

This “President” hates America so much that he’s turned a blind eye to violent and massive DNC financial supporters, such as BLM and Antifa. He calls Trump’s Supporters “unAmerican;” and, he’s left our boarders wide open to a flooding of illegal, unvetted, undocumented, sick with heaven knows what, gang affiliated people looking for, at a minimum, to monetarily benefit off citizens hard earned tax dollars, or worse, to bring massive amounts of illegal drugs and violence to our bedroom communities. Additionally, let’s not forget the human trafficking! That’s a really big deal for American depraved pedophiles!

Please don’t give me the tired “but, these illegal parents want to give their children a better life!” Really? How? By dragging them through a desert? Across an ocean or a dangerous river? Or, pawning them off to “coyotes,” who will put them in the back of an vehicle with zero air conditioning to suffocate? Or, sell them to human traffickers? THOSE are parents that “care?” Should they make it to this nation, skirt over that boarder, they will then have the “benefit” of government subsidies—You know, the ones that are rarely afforded our Seniors, VETs or impoverished American Citizens? People who know how to rob our social programs better than any American Citizen. Let’s not leave out those Blue State governors who are handing out thousands of dollars in incentives for the mere accomplishment of entering America illegally. Kudos to those winners.

We have governors who are making Pedophilia a “sexual orientation,” LEGALLY exposing the children of this nation to the degradation of every depraved person—And, PARENTS are the problem? The premise is that pedophilia is not a “predilection,” but rather a preference. They want to gussy it up by calling it “MAP” for Minor Attracted Persons. Oh. I see how that works. Toss in a smidgen of Critical Race Theory, which is what every child “needs.” Especially, since children are color blind, seeking friends and the tools learned on the playgrounds of our schools. Relationships that are building blocks to creating a well rounded human. That’s a good idea—Point out that each child is “different,” why and how it’s one skin color child’s fault that another child of a different skin color is marginalized. Terrific stuff!

Children also DO NOT need to know about a myriad of sexual genders (only 2–No matter what a person cuts off or how many hormones they inject—DNA is emphatically precise: THERE ARE TWO GENDERS) and preferences. I know when I was 7, I wondered about such things—Said no one ever! Next, on the off chance a child in school asks why “Bobby has two of the same gender parents,” heaven forbid an “educator” do the right thing and say, “Gee, Kiddo, that is a really good question to ask your folks tonight.” And, WHY would that be appropriate?  Because, educators SHOULD NOT be teaching any grade or middle school child about sexuality. Every household is different; and, understanding that the subject of sexuality may cross over parental wishes or religious beliefs far outweighs the need for some liberal to take it upon themselves to inappropriately train our children anything other than the three “R’s.”

I feel like this country that I love, so very dearly, is gone. I feel as if I’ve been robbed, wide awake; and, now am being forced to thank the thieves. Stockholm Syndrome times a billion. That I should fess up that I’d been a complacent conservative who’s turned a blind eye to the enumerate number of societal miscreants. That I’ve willingly allowed the blue haired, V-Jay hat wearing lunatics to scream at the top of their lungs about all of their hatred and vitriol; and, simply walked by “tsk, tsking” such erratic behavior.

Well no more! I’m standing up and asking every American Citizen to take a stance against the fascists, socialists, communists and Marxists who want to desecrate our Constitutional Republic. Take a stance for your children and grandchildren to have the opportunity that no other nation has afforded its citizens—The right to fulfill their dreams through the Great American Experiment of a government of the People, by “the People” and for “the People.”

I am not afraid of anything other than being a good person who does nothing, thus allowing the bad people to win and continue to do wrong. I’m willing to begin to circulate petitions asking for the removal of fossil representatives who’ve become millionaires on a paid elective salary. I’m willing to gather signatures to prosecute those that have broken constitutional law, and/or promote and incite violent riots against other citizens with opposing views. I’m willing to lay down life and limb in order that my child be afforded the same opportunities I was guaranteed at birth.

Will you raise your collective voices with me in peaceful protest against those that want to strip us of our God given Constitutional Rights? I pray you will and that we succeed in striking down the plague of insanity that is gripping our country.

If it’s not too late. Godspeed.

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