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Op-Ed: Can Biden Run Again in 2024 When He Can Hardly Even Walk?

Biden suffers ANOTHER autocue gaffe
President Joe Biden suffering another embarrassing gaffe while issuing a statement on the situation in Ukraine in May 2022. At the time, Sky News host Rita Panahi told her international audience that Biden’s brain “appeared to break again.” Image: SkyNews/YouTube.

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Is Joe Biden at that stage in life where it is time to take the car keys away? The more you see how he handles his duties as president, the more you feel he is not up to the job. Yes, he is 79 years old, which a normal person at that age might have slowed down a bit, but a sane, healthy person could handle the problems that face him/her in an efficient competent manner. But, ole Joe doesn’t seem to meet the standards of a person, of that age in the position that he holds, when it comes to being able to act in a normal, rational manner. His cognitive capacity seems to have diminished and it seems to be getting worse instead of getting better.

If you publicly make those comments, like I just made, you will be challenged as an “ageist” or a mean spirited Republican. Really?

It seems the lackey apologists in the left-wing media are slowly coming to the conclusion that, their hero who they supported enthusiastically for president, is now a drag on their favorite Democrat brand as his approval poll numbers have hit a low of 33%, with the possibility of that number going even lower.  It looks like the rats are jumping off a sinking ship. If the mid-term elections produce an election blowout for the Republicans (as most pundits predict), I’m sure that the 25th Amendment might be discussed as to whether or not it should be invoked (an Amendment to provide for the removal of the president). Remember, that threat was talked about when Trump was in office.

Many of the Biden supporters (and the anti-Trump haters) seem to be having “buyers remorse”, as the policies of Biden go slowly into the proverbial dumper, as they thought they were getting a calm, experienced veteran politician who was going to unite the country, but as it has turned out to be, just the opposite is happening, a disaster.  He was supposed to be a calming influence after four years of the turmoil of the Trump presidency (a turmoil mainly caused by the incessant attacks on Trump and his administration all during those Trump years).

Before Joe Biden was elected, with the help of Silicon Valley, social media, the main stream media, and the partisan election operatives within the major battleground states, he was known to be a perpetual gaffe machine and a politician with little or no core beliefs. In fact, former Defense Secretary in the Obama/Biden administration, Robert Gates, said in Biden’s 40 years in government, I paraphrase, “He has been wrong on most all foreign policy matters”. So far, Joe Biden seems to be fulfilling Robert Gates evaluation as he tries to perform his duties as president. He seems to be the poster boy forMurphy’s Law”.

Who knows what will happen in the future of the rest of the Biden presidency? As things seem to be going, it looks like it’ll be nothing but downhill for Biden and his administration. The only thing that’s working in Biden’s favor is that if he goes, the next in line is Vice- President, Kamala Harris, a politician with an even lower approval rating than Biden.

God help the United States.

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