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Op-Ed: You Can Burn The U.S. Flag, But Not The BLM Flag

BLM Flag
Burning the BLM (Black Lives Matter) flag has led to at least one activist arrest in the United States. File photo: Ffikretow, Shutter Stock, licensed.

SPRING HILL, FL – Burning flags is an extreme act. Burning something that many patriots hold sacred is a hate filled political statement. Accepting anyone burning America’s stars and stripes is a testimony that our nation profoundly believes in free speech. Accepting the destruction of something you love and honor shows the high esteem citizens have for the freedom of expression even when they profoundly disagree.  

American citizens have the legal right to question all aspects of our culture and government system. Free speech allows for debate of ideas and opinions that stimulate thinking. The open discussion of policies by the people as well as politicians is a necessary exchange of ideas to keep us free.

Burning the Black Lives Matter flag has resulted in arrests for hate crimes. Burning that flag is considered too inflammatory to allow to happen even when considering the right of free speech.

Not only do elected government officials have the right to express their feelings but every citizen has the same right. When government representatives do not listen to citizen’s viewpoints, they are only representing the powerful elites who often buy their allegiance.

As this political establishment joins with the social media free speech is curtailed along with open discussion of ideas and heads us towards an autocratic society. Once our political elites have most of the media as advocates, their political power increases exponentially. In the United States it has been established that a citizen, no matter how anti-American, is protected even if they burn the American flag. In many American rallies, an individual can take out a U.S. flag, stomp on it and burn it. This has become “protected speech” especially when done by people of the “protected classes.”

These haters of the U.S. have always existed and will continue to exist in the future. They can move to another nation although they will not, more people are coming into the U.S. than leaving.

The U.S. has people from all over the world who apply for citizenship often waiting ten years to complete. Currently millions of illegal immigrants are invading the United States of America. This is sufficient testimony of how the rest of the world feels about coming to America.  The U.S. is not perfect, but people feel it is far better than many other nations of the world.

Nevertheless, the social media and “woke” politicians have taken another step to degrade the U.S. Currently people who burn the BLM (Black Lives Matter) flag can be arrested for a hate crime. In other words a member of BLM or Antifa or any other protected class can do or say anything against our nation, with impunity.

The concept of free speech has been twisted by the woke media and elite politicians when they announced that certain words or ideas are so politically incorrect that the person using them should be “cancelled.” This does not allow the cancelled person’s viewpoints to be seen or heard.

The woke media has been anointed high priest of what is allowed to be said according to the woke censors certain declared topics cannot be considered a part of free speech. Some of these cancelled topics are: Covid is a biological weapon; Black and White “peaceful” rioters during the “summer of love” were raging criminals; January 6 was not an insurrection; the 2020 election was rigged; false medical information was pushed by the CDC that allowed political elites to dismantle our freedoms one-by-one.

Many in the media are even attempting to frame the American flag as a symbol of “white racism.” All the Asians, Blacks, and Europeans who worked, fought, and died to make America great will have to accept the woke revisionist history. This use of our media to indoctrinate us can only succeed if we continue to remain fearfully silent.

This is certainly not any longer about American freedom of speech. It is about destroying the USA from within for a new world social order to be imposed by the worldwide cabal. These political elites are attempting to crush any hope of free individuals having a say in the laws that will govern them.

The vast number of people in the United States are silent concerning minority groups who are encouraged to express lie after lie to weaken the fiber of our country. When the tiny woke minority has control of what is allowed to be discussed, there is no freedom of speech. It is cancelled speech that must be resisted by all freedom loving Americans

When a free nation allows its own flag to be debased, while protecting the BLM flag that stands for everything un-American, something is wrong. This means the government is holding up hatred as a sanctioned virtue and the freest nation on earth as evil. There is something very different from free speech happening here.

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