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Op-Ed: NY’s Tyrannical Gov Effectively Bans Legal Guns, While DA Releases Carrying Criminals With Turnstile-Efficiency, To Menace Weaponless Victims

 Kathy Hochul
Last week, New York’s incompetent and inept Governor, Kathy Hochul called an emergency session in order to rule on new, massive gun restrictions, immediately signed into law, that called for near impossible barriers to those seeking to own weapons legally within the state. We find her actions and those of her puppet legislators undemocratic, reprehensible, illegal and dangerous. File photo: Lev Radin, Shutter Stock, licensed.

BOCA RATON, FL – New York State’s incompetent and inept Governor, Kathy Hochul, once again put the spotlight on her insensitivity to the safety of her constituents when she countered the wisdom of the Supreme Court in their recent decision to permit New Yorkers to carry concealed weapons for their protection.

Last week, she called back into an emergency session, the state legislature, in order to rule on new, massive gun restrictions, immediately signed by her into law, that called for near impossible barriers to those seeking to own weapons legally within the state. We find her actions and those of her puppet legislators undemocratic, reprehensible, illegal and dangerous.

The Supreme Court will once again have to act on these new unconstitutional restrictions and in that time, many New Yorkers will suffer at the hands of criminals to whom these laws are meaningless. In addition, such pro-criminal district attorneys as Manhattan’s Alvin Bragg, will continue to release illegal weapon carrying offenders with his turnstile-method efficiency, to menace law abiding, weaponless victims at will.

The new laws only a week old, created several severe new restrictions on obtaining a gun in the state, including drastically increasing concealed carry regulations and requiring applicants to turn over social media history, a violation of basic civil rights. Potential applicants will be required to show “good moral character,” whatever the hell that means.


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Under this new legislation an applicant must submit to the government a list containing three years of history of their current and inactive social media accounts. And…… applicants must also have 16 hours of firearm training (no problem for us) together with… providing four character references and list the contact information for any domestic partners or adults of any kind they live with. These mind-numbing rules are basically formulated to absolutely make gun owning a virtual impossibility since those making the eventual decisions to approve or disapprove the applications, are government employees working for Governor Hochul and her minions. In addition, certain locations have been listed where individuals will not be permitted to carry firearms. The register of them is endless, including every conceivable location where people congregate. Businesses already reeling from the Covid, supply chain and inflation crises now must post signs indicating whether they permit weapons on their premises.

It’s strange, that in municipal areas where elected officials work; courthouses, city halls, legislative chambers, city, state and federal office buildings, taxpayer funded gun toting security personnel protect these workplaces, while shopkeepers and regular working class folk have to go unarmed, unprotected, praying that the decreasing number in law enforcement will protect them from real, live criminals who are not governed by weapon-carry laws.

We suggest to Governor Holchul to accept the Supreme Court ruling, use the basic common sense gun ownership rules that the state of Florida uses, that gives access to weapons to those who pass the FBI scrutiny that effectively screens out those with criminal history without infringing on privacy rights. We also suggest they look into making laws penalizing those merely caught in possession of an illegal weapon with five years in prison for that action and for those using a weapon in the commission of a crime, with a sentence of 10 years in prison, without parole in addition to the sentence for the actual crime. Keep the recidivist career criminals off the streets. Punish the criminal and permit law abiding citizens the right to defend themselves against the criminals.

If liquor store, grocery store or barbershop owners want to arm themselves against the criminal element, help them to do so, not work against them. Tell that to those such as Holchul, Adams, Bragg and others of their ilk who live and work in the fairyland of elected office with their perk of gun toting defenders. Or let them roam their city as the rest of their constituents must do… unprotected.

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