WATCH: K-9 Takes Down Screaming Suspect Wanted For DeLand Carjacking and Murder; Recently Purchased 60-Round AK-47 Magazine, Cops Say

New Smyrna Beach
22 year-old Nassan Bacon was taken into custody, treated for a bite injury on scene and then transported to the hospital for further treatment.

VOLUSIA COUNTY, FL – A violent suspect in a recent fatal carjacking attempt was spotted and arrested in New Smyrna Beach on Thursday after Volusia sheriff’s deputies, detectives and task force members closed in with the help of a K-9 making what police say was a first apprehension of his career.

In recent days, detectives with the East and West Volusia Narcotics Task Forces and task force agents from the Volusia Bureau of Investigation were sharing intelligence and working in the New Smyrna Beach area conducting surveillance on 22 year-old Nassan Bacon.

In addition to his pending indictment in a May 22 murder in DeLand, Bacon had active warrants out of the New Smyrna Beach Police Department for aggravated battery with a firearm and aggravated assault with a firearm.

Bacon was recently seen purchasing a 60-round AK-47 magazine at a New Smyrna Beach gun store. On Thursday, detectives and task force agents spotted Bacon in a vehicle on Dimmick Street with two others, formed a perimeter and moved in to take him into custody. He took off running but was unable to break the perimeter, eventually hiding behind a house on Palm Street.


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Deputy Whitson and K-9 Red quickly tracked Bacon to his hiding spot behind a washer, dryer and other scrap metal. Bacon was taken into custody, treated for a bite injury on scene and then transported to the hospital for further treatment. The apprehension was K-9 Red’s first since replacing Deputy Whitson’s retired partner, K-9 Endo.

The other two occupants of the vehicle were found to be carrying concealed firearms and charged with weapons offences. Bacon was one of two violent felony suspects taken into custody due to these surveillance efforts. A suspect in a recent Daytona Beach shooting was also spotted and identified in another vehicle on Dimmick Street.

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